Data fragmentation no more: Reltio and Google BigQuery partner to deliver trusted data

Data fragmentation and poor data quality are persistent challenges organizations face across most industries. With the increasing proliferation of applications and the adoption of cloud technologies, core data such as customer and product information often becomes fragmented and degrades in quality over time. This problem hinders organizations from generating meaningful insights and realizing the full potential of their investments in analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science initiatives.

To tackle this problem, Reltio, the industry’s first cloud-native master data management (MDM) platform, has partnered with Google Cloud to streamline the process of collecting, cleansing, and consolidating core data sets within Google Cloud BigQuery, a powerful data warehousing solution, through an integrated and automated experience.

Leveraging pre-built models for core data domains

As announced this year, Reltio developed and released pre-built industry-specific solutions for core data domains such as customer, product, and location. These domain models are now also automatically via BigQuery. They are easily activated within a Google Cloud BigQuery project. This allows organizations to leverage Reltio's powerful data engine to automatically map data from Google BigQuery to standard data models, cleanse, standardize, and deduplicate it using Reltio's matching algorithms, and consolidate records with unique Reltio identifiers back into Google BigQuery. This clean and connected data provides a single source of trusted data for organizations, enabling them to significantly improve the quality and precision of their analytics and machine learning models that rely on dimensional data, such as customer or product information.

Moreover, Google Cloud also provides Looker Blocks, allowing customers to effortlessly derive key insights about their customers for scenarios such as customer segmentation, lifetime value optimization, and buying propensity modeling. This integration of Google Cloud's data analytics and integration products with Reltio's industry-specific data solutions offers organizations a comprehensive and efficient way to harness the full potential of their data for driving business impact.

The integration between Google and Reltio is effortless. It combines the speed and scale of Google Cloud BigQuery with the power of Reltio to provide enriched, unified, trusted data — delivering seamless insights to business users. Reduce developmental costs and enhance operational efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data exports and custom programming when moving data into the BigQuery data cloud with the Reltio GBQ connector.

Automated data pipelines with Reltio’s low-code/no-code solution

Using the Reltio Integration Hub, data can easily be transmitted from Google BigQuery into Reltio via a low-code / no-code automated solution. The consolidated data is populated into this schema effortlessly. These pipelines can run continuously to unlock the power of data across an entire organization. Reltio Integration Hub delivers unified, trusted data to teams that need it—faster and comes with more than 1,000 pre-built connectors. The low-code/no-code interface means users can set up integration workflows in just a few clicks, reducing the complexity of creating and managing integrations.

After implementation, Reltio routinely pushes data to the customer’s GBQ environment, so they don't have to pull or schedule any jobs as Reltio manages the data pipeline, schema, and format moving forward. Regardless of any activity in the Reltio platform, the Reltio GBQ connector will capture and display the latest version of a data update and the most recent object, like an entity or relation in the customer’s GBQ environment, that would be available to query. Any data update that would occur upstream in the Reltio platform is reflected in our customer’s GBQ environment in a matter of minutes by applying both Reltio’s and Google Cloud Platform's (GCP) streaming technology to push events in near-real time so that you'll always have access to the latest data for producing insights.

This seamless integration of data pipelines and models further enhances data consolidation, making it effortless for organizations to create a single trusted view of their data within Google Cloud BigQuery.

Effortless data unification

By addressing the challenges of data fragmentation and poor data quality, the partnership between Reltio and Google Cloud empowers organizations to unlock their data's full potential for driving business insights and action. With pre-built industry-specific solutions, automated data pipelines, and powerful data engine capabilities, this partnership simplifies consolidating, cleansing, and enriching data, providing organizations with trusted data to fuel their analytics, machine learning, and data science initiatives.


With Reltio and Google Cloud as trusted partners, organizations can confidently navigate the complex landscape of data fragmentation and harness the power of their data to achieve meaningful business outcomes.

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