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Maximize Impact Every Day with Reltio and AWS

Built and optimized for the AWS platform, Reltio’s first-of-its-kind, cloud-native platform unifies multi-source, complex core data into a single source of trusted information. Agile enough to fit any company’s needs, it can flex at will – for accelerated data value creation. It’s fully compliant and secure, so data can be acted upon with confidence. 

Explore the competitive advantages of Reltio and AWS

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Reltio Founder and CTO, Manish Sood on the CUBE at AWS re:Invent 2021


“Reltio is at the heart of our digital innovation and customer experience initiatives. Reltio empowers 1,000s of sales reps and 100s of data stewards with the most up-to-date, trusted customer profiles.

It allows us to manage customer data in a way that is agile, scalable, and smart.”

JOANNA WALKER, Global MDM Architect, AstraZeneca


Modern Data Management Advantages

Multi-model Data

  • Graph schema represents real-world entities, relationships, reference data, interactions
  • Easy to support new use cases
  • History, lineage, sources cross reference, data standardization, correlation, augmentation

Agility, Flexibility, & Scale

  • Reltio’s agile data management quickly adapts to changing business
  • Flexibility to support global and local business requirements concurrently

Fast Time-to-Value

  • Entire environment ready on day one
  • Pre-built data models, templates, workflows, and data-driven applications

Native Cloud Platform

  • Safe, Agile, Scalable, Smart, based on ML-ready, “Big Data” architecture on AWS
  • Reltio is born in the cloud, not retrofitted from an on-prem system
  • Higher rate of innovation and adoption of new technologies

Travel and Hospitality

Delivering a connected guest experience isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Reltio provides the connected guest data that enables you to boost guest loyalty and increase market share.