Partner Spotlight: Reltio + AWS

Explore the competitive advantage of the Reltio and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Alliance

Learn how to gain a complete view of your customers
and win in the experience economy

Multi-model Data

  • Graph schema represents real-world entities, relationships, reference data, interactions
  • Easy to support new use cases
  • History, lineage, sources cross reference, data standardization, correlation, augmentation

Agility, Flexibility, & Scale

  • Reltio’s agile data management quickly adapts to changing business
  • Flexibility to support global and local business requirements concurrently

Fast Time-to-Value

  • Entire environment ready on day one
  • Pre-built data models, templates, workflows, and data-driven applications

Native Cloud Platform

  • Safe, Agile, Scalable, Smart, based on ML-ready, “Big Data” architecture on AWS
  • Reltio is born in the cloud, not retrofitted from an on-prem system
  • Higher rate of innovation and adoption of new technologies

Healthcare and Life Sciences

8 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies trust AWS and Reltio
to manage data that matters most

Multi-Model Architecture

Bring different types of data together -- entities, relationships, graphs, interactions, transactions, reference data, as well as social and third-party data -- under one virtual data roof on AWS

Optimized for AWS Technologies

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for running database and search indexes
  • AWS Lambda for micro-batching when saving changes from Reltio to Amazon S3 for analytical storage
  • Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring several services
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for analytical storage, backups, and customer’s image storage
  • Amazon DynamoDB as a backend storage for UI to persist user preferences and parameters for UI graph visualization.