Trusted data for your operations, AI, and beyond. In milliseconds.

Fueling every corner of your business with high-quality data in real time is no longer a dream. Tap into the power of AI and cloud with secure access to trusted, reusable data sets in just weeks.

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Unify, manage, and mobilize reliable,
interoperable data
to power your business.


Simplify and accelerate data readiness for AI and analytics.

Continuous access to high-quality, evergreen core business data with a 360-degree view and high-quality information. So you can act confidently based on AI-powered insights and analytics—and increase data team productivity.


Create an AI-powered and cloud-native data foundation.

Gain a consistent approach to managing and mobilizing reliable, interoperable core data across your organization. Simplify with our built-in security and scalability. And with the flexibility you need to evolve your solution along with your business.


Increase productivity as you lower costs.

Remove operational friction caused by siloed, inaccurate data. Automate data governance for core data, and effortlessly connect your systems. All teams benefit from increased productivity and operational excellence.


Boost omnichannel CX and sales effectiveness with reliable data.

Accurate, up-to-date, trusted customer 360 views enable seamless omnichannel experiences and digital self-service. Comprehensive, enriched data improves segmentation, targeting, and sales effectiveness.


Simplify risk and compliance management with accurate data.

Improve fraud prevention and risk management—using comprehensive data across your customer, product, supplier, and other domains. And minimize data and AI governance compliance risks with built-in consent management, audit trails, and data lineage.


Tiered offerings, adaptable to your business.

Our AI-powered data unification and management capabilities transform your siloed, multisource data into unified, trusted, and interoperable data.

360 data products.
  • Trusted, evergreen 360-degree views of your domains with interactions.
  • Consumable as data products, powered by gen AI.
  • Fast time to value with prebuilt, industry-specific customizable components.
Multidomain MDM.
  • Continuously unifies, cleanses, and enriches your core data.
  • AI-powered match/merge and data quality.
  • Built-in no-code integration, relationship management, reference data management, and more.
Entity resolution.
  • Private, secure LLM-based models to match individuals.
  • Creates a universal ID to enable data unification and interoperability while simplifying data governance.
  • Helps expand your in-house solutions.

What our customers achieved.


Increase in first-call resolution


Faster sales access to data


increased opportunities in client base

You and your data. Both delivering value
at the speed of business.

Access reliable data via Reltio Connected Data Platform’s highly flexible architecture to
seamlessly adapt to dynamic business requirements.

AI-driven innovation.

As the first cloud-native SaaS MDM, we’ve also pioneered pretrained, rule-free match and merge using LLM and gen-AI-powered UI. And our customers reap the benefits of our innovation, reporting 10X productivity increase.

Learn more AI-driven innovation.

Real-time, secure, reusable data.

With continuous curation and governance, count on high-quality data wherever you need it. Our built-in data security and privacy make sure your data is protected. And our intuitive, self-service UI makes data and business teams more productive.

Learn more Real-time, secure, reusable data.

Highly flexible, scalable architecture.

Quickly adapt to changing business needs with our flexible architecture that extends to any data source or domain. Achieve high performance and easily change your data model as your business evolves—and scale up or down based on business volumes.

Learn more Highly flexible, scalable architecture.

Fast time to value.

We offer prebuilt velocity packs based on our market expertise. Coupled with our prescriptive delivery methodology, go live in just 90 days. And our low-code/no-code development environment—with 1,000+ prebuilt connectors—speeds integration.

Learn more Fast time to value.
AI-driven innovation.
Real-time, secure, reusable data.
Highly flexible, scalable architecture.
Fast time to value.
Reltio Connected Data Platform

Your smart path to trusted, interoperable core data.

  • Scale and adapt as your business evolves with our battle-tested, cloud-native SaaS solution. And enjoy millisecond response time.
  • Get up and running quickly and easily with industry-specific velocity packs.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with our gen-AI-powered innovations.
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