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Connected Customer 360 Profiles to Power Winning Experiences, Boost Loyalty and Profits

Reimagine Customer Data for Retail

Deliver a superior customer experience or risk losing market share. That’s why innovative retailers count on Reltio. We deliver the connected customer data that fuels hyper-personalized and connected experiences—across channels, departments, stores and brands.

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Delivering Connected Customer Experiences
is Difficult without Connected Customer Data

In retail, delivering connected customer experiences across channels is a bigger determinant of market success than just about any other factor. But it’s also difficult. Almost half of the respondents in a recent survey said improving customer experience was extremely challenging. Why?

Your ability to improve the customer experience is directly linked to your customer data. Are siloed customer data or legacy master data management approaches holding you back?

Problem 1

Failing to deliver connected, rewarding omnichannel customer experiences.

You are delivering disjointed and frustrating customer experiences because web, mobile, store and service channels rely on distinct data sets.

Problem 2

Failing to get strong ROI on your marketing investments, degrading profits.

Your offers, outreach and interactions aren’t personalized, so shoppers don’t buy, and your marketing campaigns don’t deliver positive results.

Problem 3

Failing to segment customers effectively, which can increase customer churn and erode revenues.

You want to take advantage of new types of data to better segment customers, but rigid, disjointed systems are holding you back from easily adding this data to your customer profiles.

Problem 4

Failing to comply with privacy laws and customer communication preferences, leaving the business exposed to fines and eroded loyalty.

You find it difficult to comply with privacy, consent and communication preferences —leaving your retail business exposed to customer churn, fines and a tainted brand reputation.

Roles Digital Marketing

“As we’ve evolved into the age of the customer, and we’re moving away from product-based marketing to really trying to engage with the customer and become a segment of one, you need to have data management capabilities that are responsive to the customer. That can react in real-time and really help create experiences where the customer feels like they are known by the organization.”

– Jim LaLonde, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive

Reltio Powers Connected Retail Experiences
with Connected Customer 360 Profiles

Across the industry, innovative retail brands trust Reltio. That’s because Reltio uniquely enables retailers to better understand their customers and gain the insights that fuel winning experiences. Reltio enables your retail business to combine disparate data sources and establish a connected customer 360 profile including relationships, transactions, interactions, preferences, histories, and more.


Boost customer acquisition, retention and LTV by creating connected and consistent customer journeys across touchpoints

Real-time Operations

Accelerate revenue from new business ideas and prevent revenue leakage by reimagining business processes


Simplify compliance with GDPR, CCPA and emerging regulations for customer consent and communication preferences

Hyper-personalize Engagement Throughout Your Customer's Journey

Maximize the Value
of Connected Customer 360 Profiles

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Deliver Connected Omnichannel Experiences
Enable teams from across the organization to use connected customer data, so they can deliver

Realize Strong ROI on Your Marketing Investments
Gain the insights your need to optimize marketing strategies and tactics

Establish Intelligent Segmentation
Leverage converged data from multiple internal and external data sources

Balance Engagement and Consent
With Reltio solutions, your team can maximize personalization while more efficiently adhering to customers’ privacy preferences

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Reltio Connected Customer 360

How You Benefit

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  • Optimize customer experiences
    Gain new depths of insights into customers in order to deliver hyper-personalized offerings and experiences, so you can more effectively optimize every interaction.
  • Maximize customer loyalty
    Deliver the convenience, speed and ease customers expect. Provide the personalized, differentiated services that delight customers and strengthen loyalty.
  • Maximize marketing ROI and profits
    Stop wasting money on spray-and-pray tactics. Gain the insights needed to personalize messages and offers. Maximize marketing efficacy, so you can boost revenues while reducing acquisition costs.