Accelerate data value. Improve analytical insights.

Our SaaS MDM on AWS provides consolidated, clean data to your operational, analytics, and AI/ML systems in real time. Move data workloads to AWS with confidence—and accelerate transformational outcomes.

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Enable a real-time, connected,
data-driven enterprise.

Speed up your digital transformation and system modernization with our platform on AWS as your data foundation. Deliver better insights and recommendations from your analytics and ML systems.

Accelerate your cloud services adoption with clean, quality data.

Realize your cloud strategy with trusted, timely data available to any system on AWS.

Get better analytics from your cloud data warehouse.

Deliver better-quality data to your data warehouse on AWS to improve the caliber of insights.

Train and use ML models with insight-ready, comprehensive data.

Improve ML model performance and analytical insights on AWS with real-time data from our platform.

Make the move from legacy MDM to Reltio on AWS.

Migrate to our modern, cloud-native SaaS MDM on AWS for a real-time, trusted data foundation.

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Accelerate cloud services adoption.

Our modern platform on the AWS cloud delivers millisecond latency, high extensibility, and scalability. Your fast, reliable path to expansion to real-time operational use cases.

Use clean, consolidated, timely data in your analytics systems.

Minimize data preparation and get better, real-time insights from your AWS-based analytics. With prebuilt data pipelines, go live sooner—and make a bigger impact on your business.

Improve insights with higher-quality data.

Continuously deliver clean, consolidated data to analytics on AWS using our platform.

Increase data team productivity.

Eliminate manual data cleansing with our ML-based entity resolution and data anomaly detection.

Accelerate time to value for analytics platforms.

Prebuilt pipelines and no-code tools accelerate go-live with Redshift and other data warehouses on AWS.


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Build your data foundation
for AI/ML.

We deliver clean, consolidated, enriched data to your AI/ML systems on AWS. High-quality, comprehensive, and timely data enables better model training, as well as operational use.

Migrate from legacy to modern MDM on AWS.

Make your migration from legacy to our modern MDM on AWS predictable—in both cost and timeline. Confidently migrate in under six months using our partners’ accelerators or our proven methodology.

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We are the only cloud-native MDM available on AWS since 2011. We are proud to have earned AWS software competency for both life sciences and travel & hospitality.


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