ML-powered data quality. Trusted, real-time decisions.

Our continuous, and automated data quality management—powered by machine learning—enables you to make business decisions based upon trusted, real-time data.

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Continuous. Automated.

Improve data quality continuously as you minimize manual effort.

Always on. Proactive.

Resolve data quality issues before they become problems.

Real-time visibility. All in one place.

See a complete picture of data patterns with intuitive dashboards. Part of our platform at no extra cost.

Find and fix data quality issues.
Much faster with ML.

Using machine learning recommendations, you can automatically identify bad data and fix it immediately.


One solution.
Many powerful capabilities.

We focus on improving the quality of your data. So you can spend more time using it than correcting it. Best of all, we give you everything you need built into our core platform.

Continuous data validation.

Automatically and continuously inspect and flag data based upon configurable business rules to rapidly identify and correct data issues before they become problems.

ML-powered, real-time dashboards.

Our easy-to-use, fully configurable dashboards give you real-time visibility and operational insights. Find and fix quality issues fast—right from the dashboard.

Ongoing cleansing and standardization.

We cleanse and standardize your data from all sources as it flows into our platform. So you can have confidence that your data is ready for downstream systems.

Reference data management.

Define and maintain reference data to improve your data governance. Our built-in capability brings operational excellence across systems, domains, and geographies.

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study

$4.7M in IT cost savings

Forrester Consulting recently completed a Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Reltio showing how customers realized this and more with Reltio’s Master Data Management SaaS solution.

Get the full study to see what an investment in Reltio can do for your business.


“Our research shows that nearly
two-thirds of organizations struggle with data quality, often preventing them from operating at the speed of their business.

With its latest updates, Reltio is introducing advanced data quality management capabilities that provide real-time visibility and automated monitoring that will help organizations address these issues.”

DAVID MENNINGER, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research

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Take control of your data quality.

You should have confidence in your data quality. We can help. The Reltio Connected Data Platform enhances your data quality—making unified, reliable, and real-time data available to all who need it.


Build integrations in
days—not months.

  • Integrate applications within hours using our low-code/no-code development environment and 1,000+ prebuilt connectors.
  • Expand the reach of trusted data by connecting curated, accurate data across systems—so you can unleash innovation.
  • As your business changes, integrate applications quickly and at scale for increased agility.

Simplify data-powered success.

  • Choose from 10 videos, each highlighting key product capabilities. For data stewards, administrators, integrators, and more.
  • See how to streamline entity resolution with AI/ML, empower data stewards, and enable integration to any data source.
  • Understand how to make data model changes and integrate with other systems faster than you might think.
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See our intuitive
dashboards in action.

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