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Reltio Powers Life Sciences

Connected Data Platform Profiles Power Customer Engagement and Sales Effectiveness

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Trusted by 9 of the 10 top pharma companies.

Reimagine Customer Data
for Life Sciences

As a life sciences executive, you’re responsible for leading initiatives to deliver digital innovation and improve customer experience. But it’s not easy to drive change in a complex life sciences business. You have to contend with limited customer access and stringent compliance regulations, as well as complex and dynamic account management requirements, plan and payment networks and more. Commercial leaders have to think beyond “reach and frequency”.

To contend with these MDM Healthcare industry challenges, eight of the top 10 global life sciences companies manage their healthcare provider (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) data with Reltio Connected Data Platform. This platform  delivers the connected customer data these companies need to simplify all this complexity and power their key initiatives.

Personalized Engagement is Difficult
without Connected Customer Data

As a leader who works in the life sciences industry, you know it’s crucial to understand and manage complex, dynamic professional and organizational affiliations. You need easy access to the most current and connected data about HCOs, HCPs and patients, including their relationships, interactions, treatments, and more.

However, too many life sciences organizations are stuck with legacy master data management (MDM) systems that only compound the complexity. You’re left without the business agility, enterprise-scale, and insight-ready data you need to bring big ideas to life.

Is siloed customer data or a legacy MDM system holding you back?

Problem 1

Impeding your sales productivity and visibility into commercial opportunities.

Problem 2

Stalling your digital innovation and customer experience initiatives.

Problem 3

Prohibiting you from gaining a cohesive view of affiliations between HCPs and HCOs, which hinders the effectiveness of your sales, marketing and compliance teams.

Problem 4

Leaving you struggling to comply with regulations, reporting requirements and privacy laws, which exposes your organization to significant risks and penalties.

Problem 5

Restricting your visibility into patients’ journeys, which constrains market access and the quality of patient care

Reltio Delivers Connected Data Platform Profiles that Power Market Success

Chief data officers, chief information officers, commercial, medical, and brand leaders at innovative life sciences organizations trust Reltio. We deliver the capabilities you need to manage all your HCP, HCO, product and patient data. With the Reltio platform, you can effectively manage the data you need, whether it originated in internal applications, third-party data feeds, omnichannel transactions, interactions, or social media.


Improve sales effectiveness and marketing interactions by leveraging complete, current data on HCPs, HCOs, key opinion leaders, products and more

Move Faster

Leverage a SaaS deployment so you can get up and running quickly and avoid disruptive upgrades. Quickly and easily add new customer profile attributes and new data sources


Unify auditing and tracking of data access. Simplify compliance with transparency reporting requirements, emerging privacy laws and communication preferences

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“Reltio is at the heart of our digital innovation and customer experience initiatives. Reltio Connected Customer 360 empowers 1000s of sales reps and 100s of data stewards with the most up-to-date trusted customer profiles, including specialities, publications, preferences and consent, which is a requirement in the engagement economy. It allows us to manage customer data in a way that is agile, scalable and smart. Reltio Connected Customer 360 manages 25 million customer records with data from 20 providers across 65 markets, using an agile, scalable and smart approach to master data management.”

JOANNA WALKER, Global MDM Architect, AstraZeneca

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Maximize the Value of Connected Data Platform Profiles

Improve Sales Effectiveness and Affiliation Management

Reltio Connected Data Platform can blend data from multiple sources, including internal applications, third-party data feeds, transactions, interactions and social media to create Connected Data Platform profiles that are continuously updated

Improve Sales Effectiveness and Affiliation Management

Easily Manage Complex Product Data

Your brand, marketing, sales and compliance teams can trust the Reltio platform to deliver the complete, accurate and detailed product information they need to successfully execute product launches, perform competitive market and pricing analysis, and manage compliance reporting

Easily Manage Complex Product Data

Deliver Better Patient Experiences

Leverage a 360° view of the patient to fuel intelligent market access, patient services, patient support and advocacy. Understand the complete patient journey across all digital and non-digital touchpoints

Deliver Better Patient Experiences

Simplify Compliance

Reltio platform also helps your teams simplify compliance with standards like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Simplify Compliance
Improve Sales Effectiveness and Affiliation Management
Easily Manage Complex Product Data
Deliver Better Patient Experiences
Simplify Compliance

How Reltio Can Help

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Boost business agility

Power digital innovation and customer experience initiatives by quickly and easily connecting data, onboarding data sources, updating profile attributes, and integrating with provider directories.

Fuel profitable growth

Harness the account and market insights you need to maximize marketing and sales effectiveness, so you can boost revenues, while reducing the cost of sale.

Simplify compliance

Simplify compliance with emerging privacy laws and regulations

"Personalized Engagement. Sales Effectiveness. Simplified Compliance"

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