Modern data management for modern healthcare.

Prebuilt for healthcare, our AI-powered  data unification and management cloud will unify, manage, and mobilize your data within 90 days. Focus on what you do best—patient-centered care.

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Improve consumer
Unify complex
provider data.
legacy data.

Real-time, 360-degree patient data drives improved outcomes.
Deliver better patient care and health outcomes with omnichannel consumer experiences using real-time, holistic views of patient and member data gleaned from your various systems. Offer engaging self-service options with accurate, up-to-date portals. And identify population cohorts and design programs to promote population wellness.


Accurate data improves provider and member experience.

Use timely, trusted data to enable provider directories, credentials, facility access, and emergency notifications—and visualize provider relationships with HCOs, plans, and patients. Reduce referral leakage, improve the physician enrollment and onboarding process, and reduce CMS penalties. Enable accurate, on-time claim payments.



Trusted, interoperable data fuels analytics to identify inefficiencies.

Timely, high-quality data activates operational insights into payer, provider, hospital performance, and spend management. Enable emerging care models with accurate metrics on outcomes and costs. Improve knowledge worker productivity and reduce claims errors and delays. Streamlining your business processes helps you drive better performance.


Share clean legacy system data with modern systems.

Lift and host critical data from legacy systems in Reltio with our API-led connectivity, prebuilt adapters, and no-code/low-code integration development. Enrich with external data and enable centralized search of legacy patients, members, and providers. Power your digital platforms and analytics solutions with real-time, interoperable data.


Make sure your data is compliant and secure.

HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified so the privacy, security, and integrity of your protected health information (PHI) is assured. We also enable compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, with customer consent and preferences captured, maintained, and shared across the enterprise.


What our customers have achieved.


annual cost reduction


estimated upfront MDM platform TCO savings


increase in data steward productivity


lower cost of sales

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How we deliver.

Trusted, interoperable, and high-quality data.

We unify, cleanse, and enrich your data from multiple sources for a 360-degree view of patients, providers, and members. And we continuously monitor data quality so you know it’s data you can trust.

Learn more Trusted, interoperable, and high-quality data.

HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST certified, and secure.

We take cloud security seriously. Our robust, cloud-native solution is HITRUST-certified and HIPAA-compliant. We manage private data—protected health (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII)—with extreme care.

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Designed for healthcare. Fast time to value.

Reltio for Healthcare velocity pack includes an out-of-the-box data model and configurations to activate healthcare provider initiatives, as well as prebuilt integration to enrich data using NPI as a data source.

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Seamless integration.

We offer optional integrations to NPI, Salesforce, D&B, BvD, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and more. And using our API-led connectivity and no-code/low-code tools, you can integrate with other systems such as Epic and Meditech—faster than you might think.

Learn more Seamless integration.
Trusted, interoperable, and high-quality data.
HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST certified, and secure.
Designed for healthcare. Fast time to value.
Seamless integration.
For healthcare providers

Power analytical insights using timely, high-quality data.

  • Gain real-time, reliable insights to identify high-risk patients, determine next best steps, and optimize clinical trials.
  • Ease gathering and reporting of metrics of patient outcomes for value-based care reporting to payers.
  • Improve operational performance with reliable metrics and effectively segment populations for health trend analysis.
For healthcare payers

Enable performance analytics with high-quality data.

  • Activate high-quality analytical insights to improve operational performance and generate accurate, timely reporting.
  • Enhance broker and account management quality and performance using clean, timely data to gain actionable insights.
  • Operationalize value-based care reporting and use insights to improve program performance.

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