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Healthcare Data Management (MDM)

Connected Member, Provider and Patient 360 Profiles to Power Personalization Initiatives

Delivering personalized member experiences

As a healthcare industry executive, you’re chartered with leading a range of key initiatives, including delivering personalized member experiences, improving the provider experience, and delivering high quality care that leads to better patient outcomes—all while lowering costs. But, it’s not easy to drive change in a complex healthcare organization, especially when you’re lacking comprehensive, connected member, provider and patient data.

That’s why leading healthcare insurers and providers—including two of the largest healthcare providers in the United States—rely on Reltio Connected Customer 360 . These customers count on our platform to manage their member, provider and patient data. We deliver the connected data they need to simplify all this complexity and power their key initiatives.

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"Digital Transformation for Better Health Outcomes"

Delivering Personalized Experiences is Difficult
without Connected Member, Provider and Patient Data

As a leader who works for a healthcare insurer or provider, you are contending with rapid, dramatic shifts in reimbursement models, regulatory requirements and competitive landscapes. To keep pace, you need easy access to the most current and connected data about members, providers and patients, including their relationships, interactions, treatments and more.

However, your organization is stuck with disconnected and disjointed data and legacy master data management (MDM) platforms that only compound the complexity and slow you down. You’re left without the business agility, enterprise scale and insight-ready data you need to bring big ideas to life.

Is siloed data or a legacy MDM system holding you back?

Problem 1

Hindering your ability to deliver personalized member experiences at lower costs.

Problem 2

Impeding your ability to enhance provider experiences, deliver high quality patient care and improve patient outcomes.

Problem 3

Minimizing the effectiveness of business operations, service delivery and compliance teams.

Problem 4

Making it difficult to comply with patient communication preferences and privacy laws, which leaves the business exposed to significant risks and penalties.

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“Frost & Sullivan believes that Reltio’s platform effectively addresses industry needs through a unique combination of MDM, advanced predictive analytics (based on Spark) and machine learning (ML), a self-learning graph model, workflow, collaboration, and data-as-a-service (DaaS), all with Big Data scalability and performance.”

– Frost & Sullivan

Reltio Delivers Connected Member, Provider and Patient 360 Profiles
to Power Market Success

Chief data officers, chief information officers, and marketing leaders at innovative healthcare organizations trust Reltio. We deliver the capabilities you need to manage all your member, provider, and patient data. With the Reltio SaaS platform, you can effectively manage the data you need, whether it originated in internal applications, third-party data feeds, omnichannel transactions, interactions, or social media.


Use the rich, contextualized data you need to deliver personalized member services, improved provider experiences and high quality patient care that leads to better outcomes—all while lowering costs

Start Fast
Move Faster

Through our partnerships with IQVIA, MedPro Systems, Fresh Gravity, Abacus Insights and others, you can immediately unlock the value of optimal stakeholder and affiliation data


Get a single source of member, provider and patient data. Unify auditing and tracking of data access. Simplify compliance with regulations, emerging privacy laws and communication preferences

"Reltio Delivers Data for Better Health Outcomes"

Maximize the Value
of Connected Customer 360 Profiles

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Improve Member Segmentation
Gain the insights you need to fuel more personalized, higher quality services that yield better patient outcomes, while lowering costs

Gain Rich Provider Data Directories and Discover Relationships
By merging data from multiple internal, third-party and public sources, you can create connected member, provider and patient profiles , and ensure they are updated continuously and in real time

Simplify Compliance

Gain auditing and tracking features that help your organization simplify compliance with regulations, emerging privacy laws and communication preferences. Because the Reltio platform is HITRUST certified, it supports compliance with members’ data privacy concerns and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

How Reltio Can Help

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  • Boost business agility. Power personalized experience initiatives and lower costs by quickly and easily connecting data, onboarding data sources, updating profile attributes and doing real-time integrations with provider directories.
  • Maximize operational efficiency. Equip group sales, marketing and member relationship teams with the insights they need to move beyond basic engagement tactics and deliver superior member and provider experiences.
  • Simplify Compliance. Simplify compliance with emerging privacy laws and healthcare-specific regulations such as HIPAA.