For AI and beyond, data quality matters. Now more than ever.

Our AI-powered, cloud-native SaaS master data management (MDM) platform delivers cleansed, interoperable core data in milliseconds. So you can lead your business with confidence.

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A Leader in Forrester Wave™ 2023 for Master Data Management.

Improve business responsiveness
with data unification and management.

Core data as an interoperable asset fuels savings and growth.

Customer data. Product data. Supplier data. Grow revenue and efficiency with high-quality, accurate, real-time core data available where needed, when needed.

Highly flexible architecture evolves with your business.

Extend your solution to any data source or domain, and scale rapidly as your business requirements change.

Fast time to value accelerates your success.

Go live in 90 days with prebuilt velocity packs incorporating market expertise and prescriptive delivery methodology.

AI-driven innovation increases speed and accuracy.

Tap into the power of ML for 10X productivity improvements and use our industry-specific, ML-powered entity resolution.


Pioneering with genAI-driven innovation.

Ground-breaking gen AI and LLMs for data stewards.

Rule-free entity resolution.

LLM-driven, pretrained, and ML models for automatic, industry-specific matching and merging. Powered by patent-pending Flexible Entity Resolution Networks that incorporate zero-shot learning.

Enhanced productivity with Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA).

Chat-based, documentation search for quick, accurate technical answers. Powered by generative AI.

Improved data quality.

ML-powered anomaly detection for precise identification of outliers and unusual patterns.

Unprecedented speed. Unlimited potential.

Unified data using the newest artificial intelligence tech—generative AI, LLMs, and more.

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Decade of innovation to fuel
real-time operations and insights.


10-year innovation lead.

Born 12 years ago as the first cloud-native SaaS for unifying data, our platform now offers a patent-pending, secure, private-LLM-powered entity resolution. And with broad support for data sovereignty.

Mobilized, interoperable data delivered in milliseconds.

Our AI-powered data unification and management platform delivers cleansed data in real time to where it’s needed—analytical or operational systems alike.

Unmatched track record.

140+ deployments across industries with proven ROI. Recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave 2023 Master Data Management. Our customers improve efficiency and drive growth with trusted, interoperable data.

Trusted by top global brands.


Fortune 100


Fortune 500


Fortune 1000 companies


of the top 10 global life sciences companies

Immediate business impact

70% of MDM programs fail to connect to business value. Not us. Built upon our experience working with 140+ enterprises, our business value framework provides a roadmap so you can demonstrate ROI fast.

Streamlined operations.

Armed with accurate, reliable data, you can quickly address areas of inefficiencies, in your customer service operations, supply chain, and more.

Lower TCO.

Leave the costs of legacy MDM – hardware,  upgrades and maintenance – behind. With our flexible SaaS platform, intuitive UI and out-of-the-box assets, you realize your ROI within 6 months.

Unlock revenue growth.

Activate your growth initiatives – account-based selling, improved conversion from omnichannel experience, retention programs – with real-time, reliable single source of truth.


annual savings
in call center


higher first
call resolution


registered users


faster sales
access to data


annual MDM
cost savings

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study

$4.7M in IT cost savings

Forrester Consulting recently completed a Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Reltio showing how customers realized this and more with Reltio’s Master Data Management SaaS solution.

Get the full study to see what an investment in Reltio can do for your business.


“Our relationship with Reltio is excellent. It’s no exaggeration to say that in my 20 years in the insurance IT space, this is the best vendor relationship that I’ve been a party to.”

MATTHEW COOK, Enterprise Data Services, Empire Life


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