The best source of truth in real time—at scale.

Reltio Multidomain MDM harnesses AI-powered automation to turn siloed core data into secure, high-quality data—whenever and wherever you need it. So you can increase efficiency, manage risk, and drive growth.

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Reltio Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM)

Powered by gen AI and Reltio Connected Graph, our scalable, multidomain MDM SaaS provides your authoritative source of truth in real time and accelerates time to value with prebuilt components.

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Trusted core data for all—at the speed of your business.

Data leaders
and architects.
Data governance
and MDM leaders.
Analytics and
business leaders.

Provide up-to-date data the business trusts. Faster.

Adopt an agile data strategy and architecture with our secure, AI-powered automation and innovation to increase productivity and reduce costs. Unlock legacy data for modern solutions with a
no-code/low-code integration dev environment and prebuilt connectors.

So you can offer trusted, real-time data for key business initiatives with less data preparation.

Enterprise 360

Deliver business value from MDM fast—with lower TCO.

Unify core data from multiple sources, delivering high-quality, best source of truth to support real-time operational and analytical use cases. Simplify data governance and data privacy compliance with consent management, data lineage, and auditability.

Rapidly address data quality issues with less effort using AI/ML.


Launch business initiatives on time with trusted data.

Gain valued, actionable insights faster based on high-quality data delivered in real time. Grow your revenues with targeted, contextual marketing campaigns.

Increase customer loyalty with personalized, omnichannel customer experiences. And comply with data privacy regulations to maintain customer trust.

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Recognized as Leader

Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q2 2023.

Reltio is recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave Master Data Management Q2 2023 report, which states, “Reltio’s real-time AI-driven MDM delivers exceptional data quality and customer 360.”


Why Reltio Multidomain MDM?

Going beyond traditional MDM, our robust capabilities, powered by our platform, help streamline your operations, lower TCO, and fuel your business with high-quality data to unlock revenue growth.

Your best source of truth—available in real time.

High-quality, secure data is ready for your business teams available in milliseconds—with intuitive, self-service interface.

AI-driven innovation to multiply productivity.

Our patent-pending Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN) enable rule-free matching to increase productivity and accuracy.

Flexible, scalable architecture.

Our flexible data model goes wherever your business takes you—multiple domains, data sources,
and more.

Fast time to value with prebuilt components.

Prebuilt velocity packs incorporate market expertise and delivery methodology to go live in
90 days.

Compare MDM capabilities

Move from legacy to
modern MDM.

With Reltio Multidomain Master Data Management, you can save time and costs with our cloud-native SaaS offering enabling zero-down, zero-effort upgrades. So you can respond faster to changing business needs. Make modifying your solution in days the norm—not the exception.

Comprehensive multidomain MDM. Simplified.

Unify, standardize, and enrich your core data across multiple domains with a rich set of built-in,
easy-to-use capabilities driven by gen AI.

GenAI-powered, rule-free match and merge.

Create your best source of truth with flexible, precise matching methods and dynamic survivorship to create context-specific views. Tap into the power of gen AI to boost data steward productivity with rule-free, LLM-driven, zero-shot matching with FERN to provide high-quality data for your business.

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Continuous data quality and governance.

Cleanse and standardize data during ingestion. Use ML-powered anomaly detection for precise identification of outliers and unusual patterns. Easy-to-use, interactive dashboards give you real-time visibility and insights—and help you fix quality issues fast.

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Data integration.

Don’t let data integration be the bottleneck for your MDM program.
Our prebuilt connectors to 1,000+ popular systems and no-code development environment can save your organization months of time and thousands of dollars in development costs.

Watch video Data integration.

Industry-specific, prebuilt components.

What if you could be using accurate, trusted data in under 90 days? Our industry-tailored velocity packs speed up your time to value and lower TCO. Prebuilt components include data models, match rules, prebuilt connectors, configurations, and more.

Watch the video Industry-specific, prebuilt components.
GenAI-powered, rule-free match and merge.
Continuous data quality and governance.
Data integration.
Industry-specific, prebuilt components.
Reltio Customer 360 Data Product

Real-time, ready-to-consume 360 views made easy.

  • Move from one-off data projects to managing data assets as products.
  • Stay ahead of business demands with reusable, trusted data using patent-pending, LLM-based Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN).
  • Use comprehensive profiles with interactions and derived attributes from enterprise sources for individuals and organizations.
  • Mobilize interoperable customer data in milliseconds—and at scale.
Reltio Connected Data Platform

Our foundational platform powers all our offerings.

  • Scale and evolve with your business using our genAI-powered data unification and management SaaS with native Connected Graph.
  • Protect your data with built-in data security and privacy.
  • Deliver clean, interoperable data in milliseconds wherever it’s needed.
  • Future-proof your investment with cloud-native platform and zero-downtime upgrades.

What our customers have achieved.

96 days

to go live with 6 source systems and 4 consuming systems


annual MDM cost savings by consolidating 66 systems


data steward productivity boost for data loading & enrichment

9 mos.

time saved to add data source by using prebuilt connectors

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