The Fusion of Reliable Data,
Relevant InsightS, And Recommended Actions

Reltio CEO Manish Sood on NBC Chicago discusses why data is the new natural resource; how master data management has evolved to make data immediately actionable for companies. And, why the cloud has leveled the playing field, giving both large and small companies the ability to manipulate data at scale.

Shifting business and regulatory conditions mean enterprises must be more agile and flexible.

Competitive advantage starts with business users taking the right actions, based on the right information, faster.

Business gets analytical and operational data-driven applications for better planning, engagement and risk management.

IT delivers a unified view of multi-domain master, interaction, social and relationship data in real-time.

Reltio applications for life sciences include affiliation management, HCO/HCP master and product master.

Reltio applications for oil and gas include well data management and intelligence.