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Get your data ready for AI with data unification and management. Deliver value for your business fast.

Trusted by 29 of the Fortune 500.

Reltio Customer 360 Data Product

Real-time, ready-to-consume 360 views made easy.

  • Move from one-off data projects to managing data assets as products.
  • Stay ahead of business demands with reusable, trusted data using patent-pending, LLM-based Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN).
  • Use comprehensive profiles with interactions and derived attributes from enterprise sources for individuals and organizations.
  • Mobilize interoperable customer data in milliseconds—and at scale.
Reltio Multidomain Master Data Management

Fuel your business with unified, trusted core data in real time.

  • Turn siloed core data into your secure, best source of truth using our AI-powered automation.
  • Get up and running in just 90 days with our industry-specific velocity packs.
  • Plug into any data source and accelerate time to value with prebuilt connectors/integrations.
  • Simplify data governance and privacy compliance with consent manangement and data lineage.
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Continuous innovation.
Immediate value.

Your organization’s reliance on trusted data is growing exponentially. You need innovation that keeps up with your business.

Our genAI-powered, business-responsive SaaS platform unifies and cleanses core data—delivering it in milliseconds wherever it’s needed. Deploy quickly and gain value in just 90 days.

Pioneering with genAI-driven innovation.

Ground-breaking gen AI and LLMs for data stewards.

Rule-free match and merge.

LLM-driven, pretrained, and ML models for automatic, industry-specific matching and merging. Powered by patent-pending Flexible Entity Resolution Networks that incorporate zero-shot learning.

Enhanced productivity with Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA).

Chat-based data exploration, segmentation, and documentation search. Powered by generative AI.

Improved data quality.

ML-powered anomaly detection for precise identification of outliers and unusual patterns.

Unprecedented speed. Unlimited potential.

Unified data using the newest artificial intelligence tech—generative AI, LLMs, and more.

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Unmatched business responsiveness.

Value in weeks, not months

Part of our platform, velocity packs include industry-specific data models and prebuilt components out of the box, which you can tailor as needed. So you can deliver cleansed, interoperable core data and business value in 90 days.

Learn more Value in weeks, not months

Payback < 6 months

Forrester Consulting interviewed Reltio customers to show the cost savings and ROI achieved using our cloud-native master data management solution. The study shows a customer ROI of 366% and a new present value of $13 million over 3 years, with a payback period of less than 6 months for a composite organization.

Get the study Payback < 6 months

Trusted, interoperable data for everyone.

Deliver the best source of truth and enriched entity profiles to any line of business, stakeholder, or system with context-specific views.

Trusted, interoperable data for everyone.

Immediate operational efficiencies.

  • Empire Life has achieved 60% increase in first-call reduction and lowered TCO by $1M from migrating from legacy MDM to Reltio.
  • Our customers have improved data stewardship productivity and reduced errors in manual data entry – saving $3.1M.
Immediate operational efficiencies.
Value in weeks, not months
Payback < 6 months
Trusted, interoperable data for everyone.
Immediate operational efficiencies.

What makes the Reltio Connected
Data Platform

Real-time data, real-time value.

Trusted, interoperable data available anywhere in milliseconds. With prebuilt industry velocity packs, go live in weeks to drive efficiency and growth.

Flexible architecture.

Extend our solution to new systems, domains, and regions as your business needs evolve. And with unparalleled scalability and performance.

GenAI-powered innovation.

LLM-driven, pretrained ML matching raises accuracy with minimal effort. Anomaly detection and chat-based doc search improve productivity.



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“We’re accelerating innovation to deliver life-changing medicines and personalized experiences — replacing 67 legacy MDM systems with 3 interlinked regional hubs in Europe, APAC, and the US.”

JOANNA WALKER, Commercial Excellence Program Manager, IT, AstraZeneca

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As leaders in data management execution, technology, and project implementation, our service partners can help you accelerate value from your data, and deploy Reltio for your success. Made up of leading expert systems integrators, technology vendors, and data providers, consultants and implementation specialists, our partner-experienced network can ease implementation and accelerate impact.

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