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Keys to Great CX:
Balancing Hyper-Personalization with Privacy, Trust and Data Protection

WEBINAR: Tuesday, September 29

WINNER: Marketing

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Reltio Connected
Customer 360

Connected customer data is at the heart of serving, protecting and retaining your customers

Gartner MDM/CDP
Analyst Report

Choose Between Customer Data Platforms and MDM Solutions for 360-Degree Customer Insights

Connected customer data is at the heart of
thriving in the experience economy

Increase revenue by
Driving Hyper-personalization @ Scale
  • Boost conversion rates 
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Accelerate product launches
Decrease costs by
Accelerating Real-time Operations @ Scale
  • Solve customer issues faster
  • Enable digital self-service 
  • Optimize marketing spend 
  • Eliminate transaction failures 
  • Better supplier & asset management
Decrease costs by
Simplifying Compliance @ Scale
  • Speed regulatory compliance 
  • Expedite fraud detection
  • Accelerate reporting
  • Centralize consent 
  • Manage communication preferences


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Responsive Data in Action

Connected Customer 360
A Responsive Approach to Data Management

  • Segment on 1000s of Attributes
  • Act on Customer Insights
  • Discover Relationships
  • Manage Consent & Communication Preferences
  • Power Digital Experiences
  • Boost Sales Effectiveness
  • Refine Market Segmentation
  • Manage Compliance
Miguel Baptista

“Reltio Connected Customer 360 gives us capabilities to fuel the experiences of the future at Hyperion X with the data that matters most to our business. It gives us the business agility, enterprise scale, and the insight-ready data we need for big ideas so we can compete effectively,"

– Miguel Baptista, Chief Data Officer, Hyperion X

Powerful Environment
for Data Operations & Data Stewards that Value Speed and Agility

Reltio Connected Customer 360
  • Flexible data model
  • Smart matching
  • Powerful lineage
  • Flexible search
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Tailor profiles by function
Joanna Walker

“At AstraZeneca, we're accelerating innovation to deliver life changing medicines and personalized experiences, while respecting communication preferences and privacy compliance. We're in the final year of a 3-year transformation to master, track and optimize the use of customer data throughout the organization. We're replacing 67 legacy master data management systems with 3 interlinked regional hubs in Europe, APAC and the US.”

– Joanna Walker, Global MDM Architect, AstraZeneca