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Webinar: How and Where Data Can Bring Customer Journey Maps to Life

Reimagine Customer Data for Travel and Hospitality

In the travel and hospitality industry, delivering a connected guest experience isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Fail to exceed your guests’ expectations, and you run the risk of losing customers to competitors. That’s why the data innovators in your industry count on Reltio MDM for hospitality. We provide the connected guest data that enables you to boost guest loyalty and increase market share.

Delivering Connected Customer Experiences
is Difficult without Connected Customer Data

As an executive in the hyper-competitive travel and hospitality industry, you understand that your ability to deliver connected and personalized guest experiences is the primary determinant of market success. But delivering these connected guest experiences is also difficult. Why?

Your ability to improve the guest experience is directly linked to your customer data, but your organization is stuck with disconnected and disjointed data and legacy master data management (MDM) systems that only stifle your progress. You’re left without the business agility, enterprise scale and insight-ready data you need to bring big ideas to life.

Are siloed customer data and legacy MDM systems holding you back?

Problem 1

Failing to deliver connected and rewarding experiences to every guest, every time.

Problem 2

Limiting your ability to customize offerings, resulting in low ROI on your marketing investments.

Problem 3

Hindering effective guest segmentation, not recognizing your most loyal guests, eroding your efficacy and revenues.

Problem 4

Leaving you exposed to significant risks and penalties for non compliance with regulations, reporting requirements and privacy laws.

Roles Digital Marketing

“As we’ve evolved into the age of the customer, and we’re moving away from product-based marketing to really trying to engage with the customer and become a segment of one, you need to have data management capabilities that are responsive to the customer. That can react in real-time and really help create experiences where the customer feels like they are known by the organization.”

– Jim LaLonde, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive

Reltio Delivers Connected Customer 360 Profiles
that Enable Winning Experiences

We deliver the capabilities you need to manage all your guest data. With the Reltio software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, you can effectively manage the data you need, whether it originated in internal applications, third-party data feeds, omnichannel transactions, interactions or social media.


Deliver hyper-personalized experiences that increase engagement, differentiate your business, cement guest loyalty and maximize revenues. Enrich guest profiles with real-time behavioral, social and third-party data

Start Fast
Move Faster

Leverage a SaaS deployment so you can get up and running quickly and avoid disruptive upgrades. Quickly and easily add new guest profile attributes and new data sources


Get a single source of guest data that enables unified auditing and tracking of data access, and efficient control over communication details and preferences

Deliver Winning Experience at Every Touch Point

Maximize the Value
of Connected Customer 360 Profiles


Deliver Connected Experiences Across Touchpoints
Reltio Connected Customer 360 enables teams from across your organization to use connected guest data, so they can scale their ability to deliver hyper-personalized and connected guest experiences, every time. Gain real-time insights you need to speed responsiveness and resolve guest issues. Enable connected guest experiences at every touchpoint, whether guests are at your facilities, interacting with customer service or engaging with your website.

Gain 360° Views of Guests, Accounts and Multi-dimensional Relationships
Reltio Connected Customer 360 enables you to leverage cohesive data as well as graph technology and analytics to uncover the many-to-many relationships between guests, households, corporate accounts, facilities and more. Correlate data from prior stays, guest spending, amenities used, logistics and even social sentiment, enabling real-time recommendations and personalization.

Establish Smart Segmentation
With Reltio Connected Customer 360, you can segment your guests based on thousands of attributes, including machine learning-based guest profile value indicators. The segments created can easily be provisioned to your marketing automation or guest relationship management systems.

Balance Engagement and Consent
With Reltio Connected Customer 360, your team can maximize personalization, while more efficiently adhering to guests’ privacy preferences and relevant compliance requirements. By centralizing customer data and offering unified, smart controls, this platform enables comprehensive consent management, efficient auditing and effective tracking of data access, helping you meet such regulatory requirements as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

How You Benefit

Reltio Screencap Desktop22
  • Deliver exceptional guest experiences across all touchpoints
  • Maximize guest loyalty
  • Consolidate multiple loyalty programs to reward most profitable guests
  • Boost business agility