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How and Where Data Can Bring Customer Journey Maps to Life

We’re all looking for the marketing “Holy Grail,” a holistic customer view. The path to achieving that is filled with customer data, the lifeblood of any customer experience design work. Listening to customers, researching and developing personas, and mapping customer journeys are all essential, and getting these steps right enables a more robust analysis of customer interactions and touchpoints making up that holistic view.

Watch the on-demand webinar featuring Annette Franz, CEO and Founder of CX Journey Inc., alongside Jakki Geiger, CMO at Reltio. During this webinar, Annette and Jakki discuss not only journey mapping and how maps inform your customer experience strategy, but also how incorporating data into the maps brings them to life and allows you to design an experience that meets customers’ needs and expectations.

Watch now to learn:

  • Why data is important in the journey mapping process
  • What types of data should be included
  • At what points in the journey is this data impactful
  • How do you link the data with your journey maps
Webinar CMSWire Annette Franz

Annette Franz
CEO and Founder, CX Journey Inc.

Jakki Geiger
CMO, Reltio