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Improve B2B Customer Experiences with Connected Customer Data

As an executive at a technology company, you recognize that now in the experience economy every customer interaction counts. You are trying to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, renew and expand your deals and increase the life-time value (LTV) of your customers. You need to deliver connected experiences across all touchpoints, including digital and human interactions. Global 2000 technology companies and enterprise SaaS companies rely on Reltio. Count on Reltio Connected Data Platform to deliver the connected customer data you need to serve, protect and retain your customers through good times and bad.

In the Experience Economy, Every Interaction Counts

Delivering Connected Customer Experiences
is Difficult without Connected Customer Data

To market to, sell to, serve, and retain customers, your teams need access to a complete view of customer accounts, including large accounts with subsidiaries, and multiple customer contacts, their preferences, including consent and communication preferences. They may need access to the products and services purchased, their most up-to-date contracts, entitlements, tenants, support tickets, and feature requisitions, etc. They may also need a complete view of prospect accounts and contacts, their interests and their preferences, enriched with third party data. 

However, if you’re stuck with disconnected, disjointed and siloed customer data or you’re using a legacy master data management (MDM) system, you may feel like you’re operating at a snail’s pace.  You’re left without the business agility, enterprise scale and insight-ready data you need to deliver connected customer experiences and bring big ideas to life.

Is siloed customer data or a legacy MDM system holding you back?

Problem 1

Failing to deliver connected customer experiences across all touchpoints including digital and human interactions.

Problem 2

Inhibiting your ability to drive hyper-personalization at scale, which reduces the ROI on your marketing investments and degrades your profits.

Problem 3

Failing to have a complete view of complex account hierarchies, contacts and the ability to unlock the value of relationships, which erodes your sales teams’ and channel partners’ effectiveness and ability to grow revenue.

Problem 4

Adding complexity, manual and time-consuming effort to the process of complying with regulations and privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA, which exposes your organization to significant risks and penalties.

Reltio Delivers Connected Data Platform Profiles that Power Business Agility and Growth

Chief data officers, chief information officers, marketing and sales leaders at innovative high-tech and enterprise SaaS companies trust Reltio. We deliver the capabilities you need to manage all your customer, product and market data. With Reltio Connected Data Platform, you can effectively manage the data you need, including first-party data from internal applications, enriched with third-party data feeds, omnichannel transactions, interactions and relationships.


Deliver hyper-personalized experiences that increase engagement, differentiate your business, cement customer loyalty and maximize revenues. Enrich customer profiles with real-time behavioral, social and IoT data

Move Faster

Leverage a SaaS deployment so you can get up and running quickly and avoid disruptive upgrades. Quickly and easily add new customer profile attributes and new data sources


Get a single source of customer data that enables unified auditing and tracking of data access, and efficient control over communication details and preferences

“Reltio delivers a different user experience. Visualization of data is comparable to consumer products like Google and Amazon.”

Associate Director, Manufacturing Industry

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Serve, Protect and Retain Customers with Connected Data Platform Profiles

Deliver Connected Customer Experiences

Reltio Connected Data Platform enables teams from across your organization to use connected customer data, so they can deliver hyper-personalized and connected experiences to customers across channels.

Deliver Connected Customer Experiences

Gain 360 Views of Accounts, Contacts and Complex Relationships

Reltio Connected Data Platform uses graph technology and analytics to uncover the many-to-many relationships between contacts, accounts, products, locations, distributors and contracts. Establish current, contextual hierarchies of accounts, distributors and partners, so your teams can more effectively navigate complex organizational structures.

Gain 360 Views of Accounts, Contacts and Complex Relationships

Gain Intelligent Segmentation

With Reltio Connected Data Platform, you can do real-time segmentation to identify key contacts to target services most effectively. Leverage algorithms that segment contacts based on profiles, sentiments, preferences and behaviors to power sales and marketing effectiveness.

Gain Intelligent Segmentation

Balance Personalization and Consent

Reltio Connected Data Platform enables comprehensive consent management, efficient auditing, and effective tracking of data access, helping you meet regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Balance Personalization and Consent
Deliver Connected Customer Experiences
Gain 360 Views of Accounts, Contacts and Complex Relationships
Gain Intelligent Segmentation
Balance Personalization and Consent

How Reltio Can Help

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  • Deliver hyper-personalized offers and experiences, so you can make every interaction count.
  • Power digital innovation and customer experience initiatives by quickly and easily connecting data, onboarding data sources and updating profile attributes.
  • Sustain profitable growth by harnessing the account and market intelligence
  • Improve customer retention, boost renewals and expansions, and lifetime customer value (LTV)

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