Data unification and MDM—prebuilt for insurance.

Our velocity pack’s prebuilt components enable unified, real-time data within 90 days. Deliver transformative services with trusted, interoperable customer, policy, broker, and claim data.

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Trusted by 29 of the Fortune 500.

Our velocity pack—optimized for insurance data.

Prebuilt components. Real-time, AI-driven platform.

Predefined data model and configurations.

Get value fast with data models for customer, policy, claim, asset, and more;
preset rules; and dashboards.

Prebuilt integrations and connectors.

Connect to any app or data source, enrich with third-party
systems in hours or days using 1,000+ connectors.

Prescriptive implementation.

Predefined assets based on over 12 years of experience deliver
iterative, fast value.


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What our insurance customers have achieved.


Increased first-call resolution for greater customer experience


Estimated upfront MDM platform TCO savings


Projected growth in prospects via new data sources


Increase in data steward productivity


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What you get on day 1

Prebuilt data models for insurance firms.

Out-of-the-box domains include customers, policies, claims, assets, brokers, households. With associated reference data, attributes, relationships with automated householding, interactions, and more.

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Enhance omnichannel CX & call center ops.

Provide a world-class, omnichannel digital CX based on real-time, unified core data.

Improve broker relationships with clients.

Strengthen relationships with brokers and agents by using trusted data to help them grow.

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