AI-powered match and merge for unequaled speed and accuracy.

Deduplicate your core data using LLM-powered, pretrained ML models —with dynamic survivorship strategies to create context-specific views.

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Robust match and survivorship —
accurate and flexible.

Matching methods
Matching tools
Dynamic profiles

Variety of methods maximize coverage, minimize manual effort.

  • AI-powered, rule-free matching with our private, secure Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN)
  • Automatic unmerge based on match rules—even as data and attributes change
  • Relevance-based match with weighted scoring of attributes
  • Deterministic match rules with fuzzy and exact comparison logic
  • Referential match to compare with proven sources of truth
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Tools to get better matching results faster and easier.

  • Match rule builder to create and curate match rules in a few clicks
  • Match rule analyzer to ensure accuracy and performance
  • Match rule proactive, back-end monitoring to alert admins of issues
  • External match for matching external data such as marketing lists
  • Data stewardship workflows to resolve potential matches

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Full-spectrum survivorship for the perspectives users need.

  • Single best record using most trusted crosswalk record
  • Field-based survivorship to select attributes from many crosswalk records
  • Context-aware to align golden records with needs from multiple use cases
  • Reltio ID with full traceability and native data lineage across systems
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How are we different?

Our flexible matching methods support
any use case.

We offer unparalleled
ML-based and rule-based matching methods for accuracy and flexibility.

Our matching tools enable you to manage match rules with ease.

Match rule builder, analyzer, and proactive monitoring help ensure accurate and performant matching.

Dynamic profile views are
tailored for different stakeholders.

Better than just a golden record, our custom survivorship rulesets deliver dynamic, contextual views.

Unique, Reltio IDs
persist across connected systems.

Our durable ID tracked across systems and tenants enables cross-tenant searches and sharing.


What our customers have achieved.


consolidated profiles under management by Reltio


reduction in customer records
after consolidating profiles


match rate with Reltio vs.
20% with third-party match

Reltio Connected Data Platform

Your smart path to trusted, interoperable core data.

  • Scale and adapt as your business grows with our battle-tested, cloud-native SaaS MDM. And get millisecond response time.
  • Get up and running quickly and easily with industry-specific velocity packs so you can deliver value fast and lower TCO.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with our industry-leading MDM innovations and pretrained ML matching models.
Real-time data quality.

Delivering high-quality, trusted data for better decisions.

  • Support your business operations and decisions with continuous, automated data quality management.
  • Increase effectiveness with real-time visibility and operational insights.
  • Use machine-learning-powered recommendations to automatically find and fix data quality issues.

See what real-time data can do.

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