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Boost Collaboration, Efficiency, and Strengthen Compliance

Your customer, guest, member, or employee identity data resides in multiple systems, and often these systems have different versions of information. Inconsistent names, addresses, emails,  and preferences result in a disjointed experience and engagement. Unreliable identity data causes poor experience, broken transactions, rework, and revenue leakages and can expose organizations to regulatory compliance and identity governance risks. Having a single person identity is critical!

The Reltio Identity 360 identity platform aggregates, refines, reconciles, and relates Cloud-based user identity data from hundreds of sources to create a single source of truth for any person profile- your customer contacts, consumers, clients, patients, employees. Built on the flexible, responsive and scalable cloud-native platform, Reltio Identity 360 delivers a high performance, scalable and agile cloud identity resolution that adapts to your needs.  Flexible workflows help quickly adapt to changing compliance requirements and elastic infrastructure help you scale up or down as the business demands.

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Identity 360 Editions


Consolidated Profiles:
Up to 10,000
Domain: Person-only
Support:  Self-service


  • Pre-configured data model, identity resolution and progressive stitching
  • Universal ID
  • North American Address standardization, verification and geocoding
  • Email & phone standardization
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance
$1,000/mth or $10,000/yr (2 months free)

Consolidated Profiles:
50,000 included.
$1,000/mth for each additional 50,000 profiles
Domains: Person-only
Support: Online


  • Country-specific Address standardization, verification and geocoding upon request
  • Pre-configured relationships & identity graph
  • Pre-configured governance workflows

Consolidated Profiles:
Custom pricing for any scale
Domain: Custom
Support: Premier or Concierge


  • Configurable data model, matching and survivorship
  • Controlled access for healthcare (HIPAA) and Financial Services
  • Encryption Key Management
  • Additional backup, cloning, snapshot services

Maximize the Value of Your Data Through Operational Efficiency With Our Robust Identity Solution

Reltio Identity 360 helps mastering Person profiles. The identity solution brings together person data from all sources, matches, removes duplicates, and merges attributes to provide a single source of truth and creates a universal identifier for the profile for operational and analytical applications. 

Reltio Identity 360 is available in free, premium, and enterprise 360 packages. Start using Identity 360 for free and expand as needed. See package and pricing to get started with the most robust person identity platform on the market.



Reltio Connected Customer 360
  • Identity Resolution
    With Reltio Identity 360, you can cleanse, match, merge and unmerge digital identity data of any type of person entity, including consumers, contacts, or employees. You can establish a single source of truth by blending and relating trusted data from a range of data sources.
  • Universal ID
    Autogenerated or configurable UID helps to ensure data quality and consistent operations across organizations for identity verification and access management.
  • Data Quality
    Maintain ongoing person data quality and stewardship with user friendly tools.
  • Dynamic Survivorship
    Create dynamic and contextual profiles relevant for different functional groups like marketing, sales, service, and support.
  • Progressive Stitching
    Make the profiles richer by including 3rd-party person data, interactions & transactions, add new data sources as needed.
  • Relationships
    Understand relationships and hierarchies across people and households using graph technology.
  • Governance
    Support for configurable workflows, reference data,  task management, granular audit trails, and support for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
2019Q1 Master Data Management 137807 (2)
“Reltio renews the MDM category with modern architecture and advanced features."

"Reltio provides one of the most versatile MDM products on the market and one of the few ready to evolve into MDM's third generation.”

– Forrester Wave: Master Data Management Q1 2019

How Reltio Identity 360 Can Help

  • Optimize Experiences
    Gain new depths of insights into a person's needs to deliver hyper-personalized offerings, improve loyalty, and increase sales and service effectiveness.
  • Optimize Operational Processes For Identity Provider
    Consistent, clean identity cloud data with a single Universal ID enables connected omnichannel processes and eliminates rework.
  • Enable Fraud Prevention and Security Risk Monitoring
    Provide organized and mastered person data, staff data, relationships, and transactions to enable security risk and fraud transaction monitoring processes
  • Manage Customer Identity Privacy & Consent
    Capture and maintain privacy and consent preferences. Update systems to reflect requests for consent changes and withdrawals.
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