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One Person. One Profile.
One Connected Experience.

Don’t let fragmented customer data disrupt a great customer experience. Reltio Identity 360 aggregates, refines, reconciles, and relates data from hundreds of sources to create a single source of truth for any Person profile.

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Reltio Identity 360 helps to master Person profiles. Our identity resolution platform brings together person data from all sources, matches, removes duplicates, and merges attributes to provide a single source of truth, and creates a universal identifier for the profile for operational and analytical applications.

  • One Person = One Profile
  • Create a Contextual View of the Profiles In Real-Time
  • Enrich Person Data Profiles
  • Know Each Person's Network
  • Ensure Compliance and Privacy

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Experience the full power and robust features of Identity 360 in both the Free and Premium versions:

  • Pre-configured data model, identity resolution and progressive stitching
  • Universal ID
  • North American Address standardization, verification and geocoding
  • Email & phone standardization
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance
  • Country-specific Address standardization, verification and geocoding upon request
  • Pre-configured relationships & identity graph
  • Pre-configured governance workflows

Get access to the full power of Reltio Identity 360, with up to 10,000 profiles FREE and with the ability to scale up the number of profiles, as needed with Premium.

Consolidated Profiles: Up to 10,000 profiles

Domain: Person-only

Support: Self-service / Reltio Community

Scale up as needed with additional profiles and storage. Customers can start small and grow.

Consolidated Profiles: Tier pricing starting $2000/month

Domains: Person-only

Support: Online

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Estimated Number of Consolidated Profiles:
Price Per Year: Free
Price Per Month: Free
Please Contact Reltio for higher volume pricing or HIPAA / CMEK (Reltio Shield) options.
Dave Menninger, Ventana Research

 “Master data management is a critical capability for organizations. Our research shows less than one quarter are very confident in the quality of their data. Our research also shows organizations are moving their data processes to the cloud. Reltio Identity 360 will enable organizations to experience the benefits of master data management for free. The new generation of IT executives, many of whom are digital natives, are accustomed to feature-rich freemium models that deliver lasting value. Identity 360 provides an easy path to cloud-native, multi-domain master data management for Customer 360 and Enterprise 360 as those use cases arise.”

- Dave Menninger, SVP & Research Director of Data and Analytics Research, Ventana Research


Reltio Identity 360 connects all internal, external, and third-party data, bringing it all together to create one unique profile used across applications for connected and consistent experiences, fraud detection, and compliance.

Enterprise Identity Resolution

Universal ID

Dynamic Survivorship

Progressive Stitching


Data Quality


Identity 360 Open Office Hours

Check out our Identity 360 Open Office Hours Sessions. Have our experts answer any questions you may have on Identity 360 and walk you through our tips and tricks.

  • Have your questions answered LIVE by an Identity 360 expert
  • Understand the end-to-end process for getting started with Identity 360 — sign-up to value
  • Learn how to leverage Identity 360 for your specific use case

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Find answers, ask questions, access quick how-to-videos, and get expert help for the free edition of Identity 360 through our Reltio Identity 360 Community.

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