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Don’t let fragmented person data disrupt a great user experience. A single source of truth enriched with relationships, transactions, and interactions helps you build better, more profitable connections.

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One person. One profile. Total clarity.

Unify internal and external person data to create unique profiles of your person entities with Reltio Identity 360. The result—a fuller picture of consumers for richer and safer connections across every touchpoint.

Delight customers. Increase engagement.

Deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences across all channels. A single, unified profile helps you tailor every interaction.

Delight customers. Increase engagement.

Accelerate operations. Reduce costs.

Eliminate inefficiencies and costly errors with consistent, reliable data. Reducing manual efforts and freeing up resources so your teams can focus on more valuable work.

Accelerate operations. Reduce costs.

Gain intelligence. Adapt in real time.

Synchronize customer profiles across the enterprise in real time for
in-moment interactions. Change your tactics as your customers change their buying habits. And add to your bottom line.

Gain intelligence. Adapt in real time.

Simplify data privacy. Stay compliant.

Stay compliant with built-in support for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations. Consent management and workflows let you adjust access to data as customer consent changes—across all applications.

Simplify data privacy. Stay compliant.
Delight customers. Increase engagement.
Accelerate operations. Reduce costs.
Gain intelligence. Adapt in real time.
Simplify data privacy. Stay compliant.

Technical power.
Cloud simplicity.

Unify entity profiles from complex, multisource data from on-premise, cloud, and hybrid systems. Our contextual, consumer-grade UI means you achieve fast adoption, high productivity, and low TCO.

Entity resolution.

Cleanse, match, merge, and unmerge profile data—including customers, contacts, or employees—from all data sources.

Universal ID.

Use the autogenerated or configurable UID to ensure data quality and consistent operations across your organization.

Progressive stitching.

Enrich your data by including third-party data, interactions, and transactions—and additional data sources as needed.

Data orchestration and integration.

Use our API-first approach to simplify data integration and orchestration. APIs, connectors, and Reltio Integration Hub are available to connect your many data sources and feed downstream systems.

Dynamic survivorship.

Configurable dynamic contextual survivorship rulesets calculate the “best version of the truth” to deliver attribute values in real time based on the role of the requesting person or system.

Connected Graph.

Understand relationships and hierarchies across people, organizations, products, and locations using Connected Graph.

“Master data management is a critical capability for organizations. Reltio Identity 360 will enable organizations to experience the benefits of master data management for free. Identity 360 provides an easy path to cloud-native, multi-domain master data management for Customer 360 and Enterprise 360 as those use cases arise.”

DAVE MENNINGER, SVP & Research Director of Data and Analytics Research, Ventana Research


Level-up with Enterprise.

  • Consolidated Profiles: Tier pricing starting $2,000/month
  • Domains: All data domains
  • Support: Online
  • Consolidate all data types from all sources—including transactions and interactions—with big data architecture
  • Unlock the value of relationships among people, organizations, products, and places with Connected Graph

Access the full power of Reltio Identity 360.

  • Up to 10,000 profiles
  • Create “One Profile” by unifying consumer, contact, or employee data
  • Continuously update and enrich the profile with third-party data
  • Discover the person’s relationship with various people
  • Manage each person’s privacy and consent preferences
  • Power all applications with real-time “One Profile”

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