Integration Hub

Simplified, Rapid Integration. Faster Value from Your Data

Connecting various data sources and downstream consumers can be a time-consuming, resource-heavy process. Reltio Integration Hub makes connecting your applications quick and easy.

As a core component of the Reltio Connected Data Platform, it simplifies data integration using a low-code/no-code platform. Because it is designed for citizen integrators, anyone in your organization can create integrations and accelerate innovation with unified, trusted data. 


Reltio Integration Hub Overview Video

Democratize Integration for Maximum Impact

It is time to get ahead of data sprawl and fuel your operations with trusted, real-time data—all hands on deck. Reltio Integration Hub empowers business teams to join in removing data silos for unified access to master data.  Fast and pervasive integration drives new use cases and new benefits to gain with your master data management solution. 

  • Low-code/no-code solution for real-time, bidirectional integration
  • Over a thousand pre-built connectors 
  • Integration orchestration with centralized monitoring
  • End-to-end encryption

Business Benefits

Accelerate Time to Value

Rapidly connect new data sources and consumers using a growing pool of ready-to-use connectors and packaged integrations

Access unified, trusted data faster

Raise Productivity, Lower TCO

Reduce integration complexity using best-of-breed, low-code integration environment and pre-built connectors

Get more done with less time and resources

Empower Business Users

Enable IT and citizen integrators with the same scalable, secure, and enterprise-grade platform

Achieve pervasive integration for mastering your data

Unlock Innovation

Create new opportunities to fuel your business processes with real-time, trusted data

Transform your operations and customer experience

Faster Value Realization Through Data-Driven Applications