One Profile Across All Applications

Reltio Identity 360 lets you:

  • Create One Profile by unifying consumers, contacts, or employees data
  • Continuously update and enrich the One profile with 3rd-party data
  • Discover the customer’s relationship with various people
  • Manage customer’s privacy and consent preferences
  • Power all applications with real-time One Profile

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Consolidated Profiles: Up to 10,000
Domain: Person-only
Support:  Self-service


  • Pre-configured data model, identity resolution and progressive stitching
  • Universal ID
  • North American Address standardization, verification and geocoding
  • Email & phone standardization
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance
Starting $2000/mth

Consolidated Profiles: Tier pricing starting $2000/mth
Domains: Person-only
Support: Online


  • Country-specific Address standardization, verification and geocoding upon request
  • Pre-configured relationships & identity graph
  • Pre-configured governance workflows

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  • Understand the end-to-end process for getting started with Identity 360 — sign-up to value
  • Learn how to leverage Identity 360 for your specific use case

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