Solution Brief

Reltio Match IQ

Businesses are investing in MDM solutions to build a unified, reliable, and real-time data foundation to power their business operations and insights. The match-and-merge process plays a key role to align data across systems, deduplicating records that match, and merging the matched records into a single source of truth. Traditional MDM systems can make this cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors. To overcome these challenges and to ensure high data quality at scale, next-generation MDMs are using machine learning.

Reltio Match IQ, a core part of our Reltio Connected Data Platform, uses machine learning technology to simplify and accelerate the matching at scale for unified and reliable data. Download this solution brief to learn how Reltio Match IQ with machine learning can help you create a match-and-merge process that is rapid, consistent, and reliable—matching at the scale and speed of business.