Shiseido delivers innovative omnichannel experiences.

Shiseido elevates consumer experiences across brands with unified, real-time profiles powered by Reltio. Enabling them to increase customer loyalty and wallet share.

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Siloed data hampered market responsiveness.

Lack of accountability for enterprise customer data.

With no customer data practice, data was fragmented across teams and sources—with no real-time customer 360 views.

Disconnected and inconsistent customer experience.

Disjointed data hindered offering the engaging omnichannel CX needed to build brand loyalty and grow revenue.

Highly competitive, rapidly changing market.

Continuous innovation and actionable insights to stay ahead of curve—tough without unified data.

Cumbersome data privacy and governance.

Lack of unified data, built-in consent, and auditability made governance and compliance more difficult.

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Why Shiseido chose our platform.

Enablement of data uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, and accountability of its customer data assets. With trusted insights to drive innovation and growth by fostering direct conversations with its consumers.

Trusted, unified customer data in real time.

Accurate, enriched customer profiles power real-time personalized and targeted customer experiences.

Effective collaboration across teams.

IT, sales, marketing, and compliance teams working from a single, comprehensive pool of customer data.

Compliance with policies and privacy regulations.

Adherence to internal policies and privacy regulations with built-in consent management and data governance.

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Shiseido's solution.

Integration with CRM and analytics.

Core marketing platform in Reltio was integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Shiseido analytics.

Connected, harmonized data across all systems.

Global standardization enabled seamless onboarding and offboarding of data for acquired or divested brands.

Maintaining compliance with local and regional laws.

Data auditing, history, and lineage capabilities simplify compliance—and smooth operations and divestment.


What Shiseido achieved.

> 1 billion

personalized communications in 2023

Innovation with AI

use sentiment analysis in post-purchase for marketing


websites launched

Shiseido gained these
benefits with Reltio.

Customer engagement across brands.

Onboard brands and markets to provide 360° views to personalize engagement with customers and prospects.

Trusted, actionable customer insights.

Understand customer preferences, trends, and behaviors to optimize sales and marketing strategies.

Deeper profiles by adding new data sources.

Leverage comprehensive customer data including biometrics to enable more personalized skincare recommendations.

Simplifying data privacy and consent.

Simplify and streamline compliance and data governance to reduce effort to comply with local and regional laws.

Innovation with the power of generative AI.

Use sentiment analysis to gain insights into post-purchase actions and generate marketing communications.

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Watch Shiseido presentation at DataDriven 2023.