CarMax delivers personalized experience for car shoppers.

Harnessing real-time, 360° views, CarMax delivers an unmatched car-buying experience—online, in-store, or via phone. Personalized, omnichannel experiences make it pain free to buy and service a car.

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Lack of real-time 360 views fragmented the shopper experience.

Difficulty managing omnichannel purchases.

Seamless experience needed to transition purchases from digital searches to in-store purchases.

Legacy, siloed systems needed updates and integration.

Customer maintenance, point of sale, service, and finance systems required updates and integration.

Lack of up-to-date prospect views slowed sales processes.

Existing IT systems—built for a linear sales process—slowed ability to close sales and decreased productivity.

Cumbersome data audits and privacy compliance.

Siloed data hindered data lineage tracking, and compliance with data privacy laws was arduous.

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Why CarMax chose our platform.

CarMax needed our data unification cloud to mobilize trusted information across operational and analytical systems to enable responsive, omnichannel customer experiences and increase productivity.

Trusted, real-time entity 360 profiles.

Connected Graph enabled 360° views of customers, shoppers, vehicles, and VINs.

Real-time integration across variety of data sources.

Robust integration options enabled connecting both legacy batch and newer real-time systems.

Cloud-native, flexible, and scalable platform.

Our flexible, secure cloud platform scaled to accommodate extensive data variability and growth.

Multidomain MDM for existing and future data domains.

Flexible, multidomain modeling and managing complex hierarchies supported extensive data needs.

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Solution: Real-time, 360° views for customers and vehicles.

Comprehensive views across channels and systems.

Consistent customer/vehicle views with unique customer IDs across all CarMax systems.

Data unification across multiple domains.

CarMax domains—customers and shoppers, vehicle specifications and VINs—support operations and analytics.

Integration to batch and real-time systems.

Connected stores to the online site and integrated with Salesforce CRM plus service and finance systems.

Data quality and auditability.

Monitoring quality over time and data lineage improve auditability—and enable fixing data at the source.

CarMax gained these benefits with Reltio.

Personalized and responsive omnichannel experience.

Customers and prospects experience seamless experiences from initial car search online to purchase in store.

Standardized, unified view of vehicle specifications.

Consolidated, curated views across internal and external sources improve pricing and merchandising.

Trusted data analytics for timely insights.

Comprehensive, unified data for customers and vehicles delivers actionable insights into customer behaviors.

Aggregated source data for audits and compliance.

Unified data with lineage and history enable internal process audits and simplify privacy compliance

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“Reltio’s core capabilities allow for systems to integrate without having to create custom endpoints. This enables new customer experiences to quickly move from experiment to scale without creating additional dependencies.

We wanted a 360-degree view of our customers, and we couldn’t deliver that without having the data, systems, and technology together in a connected format.”

SHAMIM MOHAMMAD, Executive Vice President – Chief Information and Technology Officer at CarMax.

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