Why Empire Life left
legacy MDM for Reltio

Empire Life, a top ten Canadian life insurer, replaced its legacy MDM system with the cloud-native Reltio platform. By leveraging a single, holistic view of customers and agents across the enterprise, it reduced ongoing infrastructure costs, and the company also improved productivity and customer experience.

Reltio Wavegraphic Dark Bg 03 Trans 2
Reltio Wavegraphic Dark Bg 03 Trans 2
Reltio Wavegraphic Dark Bg 03 Trans 2
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Empire Life gained these benefits with Reltio

  • Improved customer experience
    Empire's customer service representatives can be more responsive with customer data at their fingertips. They improved first-call resolution by 60% after implementation of Reltio.
  • Increased data pipeline quality
    Empire reduced its suspect match pool by 60% after implementation and experienced 10-30% faster data retrieval via API calls compared to the previous SQL statements from their legacy provider.
  • Higher IT team productivity:
    Minimized time IT spends supporting customer service representatives and other business users, allowing it to focus on more value-add activities.
  • Easier and broader access to trusted data
    With a friendly user interface, Reltio has made Empire's MDM easier and more available to business users.
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Wave Art 2


Consolidated item profiles


Estimated upfront TCO savings


Increased first-call resolution

"We were attracted to a true cloud-native, fully-managed SaaS solution to lower our infrastructure costs and increase our agility to deliver business value"

SANDRO PALLESCHI, Manager of Enterprise Data Services, Empire Life