White Paper

Applying a Zero Trust Approach to Security: How Customer Data Is Protected in Reltio Connected Data Platform

Safeguarding the Data of Our Customers

Data loss—it’s every organization’s nightmare, especially when sensitive customer data is breached by cybercriminals. It can lead to decreased customer confidence, a damaged reputation, regulatory fines, and lost business.

Cloud security is a responsibility that Reltio takes seriously—security underlies everything we do. This white paper outlines our approach to security, our best-in-class practices and controls, and our regulatory compliance and certifications. We follow the Zero Trust security model, centered on the belief that organizations shouldn’t trust anything inside or outside their perimeters trying to connect to their IT systems. Instead, they must verify everything before granting access.

The bottom line: Customer data in Reltio Connected Data Platform, stored in the public cloud, may well be safer than the data in your own data center.