Emerging Data Trends and Best Practices
with Forrester and Advarra

Your enterprise data continuously changes, and so does its quality. A traditional point-in-time and manual approach to data quality management no longer meets the demands of today’s digitized, 24/7 business.

This webinar features Forrester Research VP, Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna, Advarra Sr. Director, Enterprise Data Platform Operations, Sajid Sayed, and Reltio VP of Technical Operation, Ansh Kanwar. Together, they will examine the business use cases that drive the need for real-time, trusted data and the data practices that enable real-time operations and better decisions.

Join this interactive, fireside chat webcast and learn:

  • The emerging trends in data quality management including continuous, automated, and ML-driven data quality management
  • The critical role of data quality management as part of a broader master data management practice
  • Recommended data architectures and integration practices to enable continuously curated, high-quality data
  • The future of data and analytics solutions for real-time enterprise
  • Advarra’s experience with an agile and cost-effective approach to integration