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Data Strategy to Maximize Retail and CPG Digital Transformation ROI

Consumer behavior is evolving at a lightning speed and macroeconomic conditions are unpredictable.

Struggles observed by many retailers during the recent COVID related downturn proved that relying on traditional business models is no longer enough to survive these challenges— let alone thrive. Retail and CPG companies must make digital transformation a priority to meet the ever-changing needs of modern shoppers. To provide a consistent connected experience and maximize the ROI of digital transformation initiatives, firms need a responsive data platform for powering real-time operations. Yet, Aberdeen’s research shows that 78% of them are not fully satisfied with their ability to use existing insights to navigate change.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The top reasons why companies struggle using data to manage their activities
  • How a connected view of the consumer, with actionable insights, helps retail & CPG companies hyper-personalize experiences
  • The key building blocks savvy retail & CPG companies use to adapt to evolving buyer needs
  • Real-life success stories from retail & CPG companies that have mastered responsiveness

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Responsive Data Strategy to Maximize Retail and CPG Digital Transformation

Omer Minkara

Omer Minkara
Vice President & Principal Analyst

Swati Sinha

Swati Sinha
Senior Director of Product Marketing