Harnessing the power of generative AI to increase matching accuracy and data steward productivity

Welcome to the future of data unification and management with Reltio! We’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovations in the Reltio Connected Data Platform, marking significant leaps in the realm of data stewardship and entity resolution. Our pioneering new capabilities powered by generative AI (gen AI) and large language models (LLMs) set a new industry standard, offering you unparalleled ability to unify, manage, and mobilize trusted data in real time.

Groundbreaking approach to entity resolution using LLM-powered pretrained ML models

We’ve taken automation in data unification to the next level. Our new LLM-based pretrained ML models enable rule-free, automated matching with high match accuracy across industries with minimal effort. The patent-pending, LLM-powered Flexible Entity Resolution Networks underlying this approach remove the massive toil from entity resolution by automatically suggesting matches out-of-the-box with higher accuracy.  Our pretrained models incorporate zero-shot learning to eliminate model training, increase data team productivity, and shorten implementation time. What does that mean for your data team? Freeing up the hundreds of person-hours previously required to tediously define, configure, and iterate match rules.


Augment data team productivity with pretrained large language models (LLMs) for automated match-and-merge operations

Unlike deterministic approaches that require discrete rule creation to guide matching, our Flexible Entity Resolution Networks enable instant automated semantic understanding of all entity data.

With our groundbreaking Flexible Entity Networks powered by LLMs, entity resolution can finally just work out-of-box—zero rules or training needed.
For example, without any rule setup, our ML models naturally understand dozens of different languages, and can reconcile names spelled in different scripts (such as Japanese, English, Arabic, French etc.) for unparalleled comprehensive matching and global views of trusted, interoperable data.

Available through our Early Access (EA) program, our new LLM-driven pretrained ML models for matching are a game-changer, significantly reducing the time and effort required for match/merge implementations and ensuring accurate entity resolution with minimal effort.

Introducing genAI-powered Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA)

Imagine having an intelligent assistant at your side, ready to answer complex technical queries with ease. That’s exactly what our Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA) brings to the table. Powered by generative AI and natural language technology, RIA revolutionizes how data stewards interact with our platform.


Watch a demo video of RIA in action

RIA is designed to boost your data steward’s productivity, enabling them to find answers and resolve issues quickly. This means more time spent on critical data tasks that directly impact data accuracy and quality, and less time scouring through documentation.

Additional key capabilities included with 2024.1

Also included in this release are even more features that strengthen data unification, ease collaboration,  and speed time to value:

1. Collaborative profile creation: This feature transforms the profile authoring experience. It offers customizable multi-step screens, enhancing the workflow and ensuring high-quality data governance. This is particularly beneficial for data stewards working in teams.

Streamline new profile creation and improve collaboration

2. Product data domain for life sciences: Extending the capabilities of our Reltio for Life Sciences velocity pack, this additional feature focuses on rapid access to reliable product data. It’s a boon for life sciences customers, simplifying IDMP and FDA compliance, enabling operational excellence, and driving effective data management.  You can rapidly access reliable, timely product data to introduce new products, perform basket analysis, forecast demand, and optimize inventory management. The prebuilt product data domain and related configurations follow from recent additions of HCPclinical operations, and patient domains, continuing to build the multidomain breadth of Reltio for Life Sciences.

Rapidly achieve compliance with regulations, optimize supply chain operations, and maintain the highest product quality and safety standards.

Your journey toward enhanced data stewardship

With Reltio Connected Data Platform Version 2024.1, Reltio further solidifies its commitment to driving innovation for our customers. And these are just some of the highlights of features and enhancements in the 2024.1 release. Please read the 2024.1 release notes in our documentation for the full list of new features. You can get an overview from our product managers of what’s new in this release webinar, which is available on-demand. You can also see more highlights of Reltio in action by watching our on-demand platform demo video series.

With our latest release, we’re not just offering new features; we’re providing a multi-layered approach to applying cutting-edge AI to the most challenging problems in data unification, from entity resolution to data quality monitoring to empowering data stewards with intuitive, modern interfaces. Our commitment to innovation means you get to leverage the most advanced tools in the industry, ensuring your trusted data is not just managed but truly mobilized across your enterprise.

We’re excited to continue to blaze the trail again, harnessing innovative AI to transform how you manage data. Reach out to us to explore next-gen data unification and master data management with Reltio!

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