Driving innovation and growth, Reltio powers into 2024

Every company needs to unify information from disparate sources, derive actionable insights, and fuel real-time operations in a data-driven world. As a pioneer in data unification and management, Reltio® continues to push the frontiers in empowering customers to realize the full potential of their data and enable digital transformation. Last year represented a watershed moment for us, with major new product launches, high-profile industry recognition, and increased growth in new customers.

Product and AI Innovation

Last year was marked by our continued success in rapidly delivering tailored solutions to customers across industries. We unveiled the velocity packs in February, featuring pre-built connectors and smooth integrations to speed deployment for clients in sectors like healthcare, financial services, and insurance. Here are just a few of the many innovations we unveiled:

  •  In the Life Sciences velocity pack, we’ve simplified customer implementation further by automatically and seamlessly integrating with MedPro, a trusted source for data enrichment. allowing customers to perform rapid license validation of healthcare providers/ organizations and enrich profiles with specialty and eligibility information.
  • The Real-Time Data Quality Dashboard was another innovation. This time series dashboard enhances data accuracy through continuous validation while providing insights into operational metrics, fill rates, and uniqueness analysis.
  • The Reltio Platform’s Automated Householding feature streamlines the creation and management of households, enhancing data team productivity through a user-friendly interface for non-technical stewards. It enables the setting of grouping rules by attributes like last name and address, continuously updates household members based on new data, and integrates with Salesforce for dynamic household member management, benefiting marketing and customer service initiatives.

Customers are now consistently achieving first insights within 30 days of implementation. The velocity packs epitomize Reltio’s mission to provide fast time-to-value.

We also burnished our reputation as an AI trailblazer in 2023. With the introduction of groundbreaking pre-trained machine learning (ML) models for Entity Resolution, Reltio is bringing new levels of automation and efficiency to tedious manual tasks such as data merging. High-profile AI hires underscore our commitment to advancing the science of data unification.

Leadership Promotions

Reltio took major steps to accelerate our long-term growth strategy and further intensify our focus on customer-centricity by broadening the responsibilities of a pair of key leadership roles. Key to the changes were the promotions of Anshuman (“Ansh”) Kanwar to Executive Vice President of Technology, Product, and Strategy and Deanne Branham to Chief Customer Officer (CCO).  In their expanded roles, Kanwar leads the global Technology, Product Management, and Engineering organization and continues to shape the company’s growth strategy. Branham leads Reltio’s Customer Success, Professional Services, and Customer Engineering organization and our Customer Experience strategy. These changes included aligning functions to accelerate the execution of the company’s strategic initiatives, fuel innovation, and enhance the customer experience.

Customer Growth

Reltio’s reputation for excellence drove increased customer growth, including the number of net new customers acquired by 67% compared with the prior year. Marquee brands, including a leading international hotel group, joined the Reltio customer roster. Reltio now proudly serves all of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical companies in the world.¹ Existing clients also showed their trust in Reltio, showering the company with positive reviews on TrustRadius, Gartner Peer Insights, and other forums.

¹As measured by revenue, as of 2024.

Industry Recognition

Industry analysts took note of Reltio’s technical leadership. Gartner and Forrester recognized Reltio as a standout in master data management (MDM) and customer 360 capabilities. The analysts’ feedback reflects our tireless focus on delivering for clients.  Reltio also earned accolades from DBTA, Financial Times, and others.

Reltio also shifted to an ABX account-centric approach across our go-to-market teams in just 60 days. The program won two awards for excellence, including the  Forrester ABX Program of the Year and the OpsStars Account-Based Program of the Year.

Named one of the nation’s Best Places to Work by Purpose Jobs, the largest community of purpose-driven startup and tech professionals. The list features remote-first companies and those headquartered and hiring in emerging tech hubs. Reltio was evaluated and selected for its positive culture, robust benefits, learning and growth opportunities, flexibility, and purpose.

Industry Thought Leadership

Reltio also cemented its position as a thought leader in the data space. As lead sponsor of the DataDriven23 conference, Reltio assembled data luminaries from across industries for a three-day event in Dallas. We’re excited to sponsor DataDriven24 once again and look forward to seeing many of you in October. This year’s conference will feature an expanded “Women in Data” networking event, including guest speakers, industry thought leaders, and influencers. To keep the DataDriven conversation going year-round, we launched a DataDriven podcast and a newsletter.

Powered by innovation and enriched by partnerships, Reltio is charting the future of data unification and management. With proven leadership, Reltio is poised to continue its momentum and help customers maximize the business value of data.

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