Reltio’s latest release: continued MDM innovation to elevate unifying your data

In today’s data-driven landscape, trusted data is the key to staying competitive and responsive. That’s why we are excited to share with you the latest innovations in our platform. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of MDM continues with our 2023.3 quarterly release, which introduces game-changing features designed to revolutionize how you manage and leverage your data.

Pre-trained ML models for HCP domain

For the life sciences industry, precision and speed are crucial. That’s why we are delighted to announce the availability of pre-trained machine learning (ML) models for the health care professional (HCP) domain. This powerful feature is now accessible to all new and existing Reltio for Life Sciences Velocity Pack customers.

Traditionally, matching and merging data in the HCP domain required significant time and resources. Reltio’s pre-trained ML models simplify this process, allowing you to achieve precise entity resolution with minimal effort. With our pre-trained model, your team can start matching immediately, freeing up valuable time otherwise required to configure match rules manually or train ML models yourself. This can mean hundreds of person-hours saved.

Pretrained ML models for individual/person domain–coming soon

The power of pre-trained ML models extends beyond life sciences too. Soon, our Early Access (EA) program will introduce pre-trained ML models for matching the individual/person domain across diverse industries. This will simplify match/merge implementation for one of the most common domains that require entity resolution across all industries. We look forward to the continued expansion of domains we support with pre-trained ML models in future releases as well. We invite our customers to partner with us in creating these models and driving this continued innovation.

Enhanced Reltio for Life Sciences Velocity Pack

A 360° view of patient data

In the dynamic world of life sciences, patient data is invaluable. Our enhanced Reltio for Life Sciences Velocity Pack now includes the patient domain, providing you with a comprehensive 360° Patient view.

Seamless integration with MedPro

But that’s not all. We’ve taken it a step further by seamlessly integrating with MedPro, a trusted source for data enrichment. This prebuilt integration allows you to perform rapid HCP/HCO license validation and enrich profiles with specialty and eligibility information. With this integration, you can ensure compliance and efficiency in your operations.

Transforming patient care

The enhanced velocity pack goes beyond compliance, empowering you to deliver more effective patient support services, streamline clinical study recruitment, and achieve superior patient outcomes. With Reltio, you’re not just managing data; you’re transforming patient care.

ML-powered anomaly detection–early access

Data quality is the foundation of effective decision-making. In our unwavering commitment to excellence, we introduce ML-powered anomaly detection, available through our Early Access (EA) program. This feature automatically identifies outliers and unusual patterns within your data. And show this drift visually as error bands on our intuitive data quality dashboard.



For data stewards, this is a game-changer. ML-driven analysis of typical patterns and data usage empowers your team to review and address data anomalies with ease. By automating the detection process, you can ensure data quality issues are addressed immediately.

Automated unmerging of records

Data management can be complex, especially when onboarding new data sources or adjusting match rules. Reltio’s automated unmerging feature simplifies the process, increasing data team efficiency and agility.



That means no more extensive, manual, unmerge tasks or custom IT projects. With automated unmerging, data stewards can seamlessly unmerge records, even in the face of changing data landscapes. Unmerge actions can be completed in real-time and in bulk. This not only saves time but also ensures data remains accurate and actionable.

These are just some of the highlights of features & enhancements in the 2023.3 release. For the full list of new features, please read the 2023.3 release notes in our documentation. You can also get an overview from our product managers of what’s new in this release webinar available on-demand.



With the Reltio Connected Data Platform Version 2023.3, Reltio further solidifies its commitment to driving innovation for our customers. The new features of our SaaS multi-domain MDM platform accelerate MDM implementations, strengthen its data unification capabilities, and enhance performance and reliability.

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