Reltio Powers The Shift to Hyper-Personalization

2021 Customer Experience Requirements: Beyond CDP and MDM

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Reimagine Customer Data for Hyper-personalization at Scale

In the experience economy, your customers won’t tolerate disjointed and disconnected interactions. Customers expect to be recognized across all channels and to get what they need quickly and easily. Today, customers expect to get connected, hyper-personalized experiences based on everything you know about them, across all their interactions with your business, both digital and human.

These demands and expectations continue to put digital, marketing, sales, customer experience and data and analytics teams under pressure.

Hyper-personalization at scale is difficult, especially for global, large-scale companies. Your teams want to deliver business value fast, but they are struggling to do so. Why? Because they’re trying to deliver hyper-personalization based on a foundation of disjointed or disconnected data.


“As we’ve evolved into the age of the customer, and we’re moving away from product-based marketing to really trying to engage with the customer and become a segment of one, you need to have data management capabilities that are responsive to the customer. That can react in real-time and really help create experiences where the customer feels like they are known by the organization.”

JIM LALONDE, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive

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Legacy Systems Impede Your Shift to Hyper-Personalization at Scale

Your personalization initiatives require you to recognize your customers, know who they are and understand their holistic relationship with your business. But this kind of personalization is not easy to do, particularly in real time and at scale.

This is especially challenging if you are stuck with disconnected and disjointed customer data from multiple channels, brands and lines of business or slow, constrained and rigid legacy master data management (MDM) systems.

If this is the case then you’re not going to be able to deliver business value fast. You’re not equipped to power digital and human interactions with the connected customer data you need to deliver connected, hyper-personalized experiences.

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What You Need to Succeed

To deliver personalization at scale, you need to quickly and easily aggregate, refine, reconcile and relate data from hundreds of sources In order to get a trusted view of your customers. Enrich your profiles by easily on-boarding transactions and interactions across channels and systems. Consistently and efficiently comply with privacy laws and customers’ consent and communication preferences.

Reimagine what’s possible with connected customer data that’s designed for the experience economy. Discover and unlock the value of relationships with minimal manual effort. Add insights to your trusted, Connected Data Platform profiles so you can act on them quickly. Create tailored views of r each customer interaction, whether digital or human. Scale your personalization initiatives with connected customer data. Get rewarded for powering a mission-critical business transformation.

Reltio Connected Data Platform Powers Hyper-personalization at Scale

Reltio Connected Data Platform is a SaaS platform built on a cloud-native, big data architecture that features graph technology and machine learning. This platform can aggregate, refine, reconcile and relate data from hundreds of sources, while delivering continuously optimized performance. Reimagine your world with speed, business agility and scale. Harness connected customer data designed for the experience economy, so you can optimize your digital and human interactions and maximize the value of your data science and machine learning initiatives.

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Solution Brief: Deliver Winning Experience at Every TouchPoint

How Reltio Can Help

  • Deliver hyper-personalized experiences at scale
  • Simplify compliance with privacy laws and consent
  • Boost customer loyalty and growth
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