Reltio and Snowflake partnership: Pioneering a cleaner, consolidated data future

Facing data fragmentation and poor data quality is an all too common reality for businesses across various industries. As organizations embrace an ever-growing list of applications and transition to the cloud, critical data—like information about customers and products—becomes increasingly disorganized and negatively impacts quality. This complicates matters for businesses striving to extract valuable insights and gain a competitive edge through analytics, machine learning, and data science.

Recently, Reltio, a forerunner in cloud-native Master Data Management (MDM), has formed a strategic partnership with Snowflake. Our collective aim? To automate and simplify how businesses consolidate, clean, and harmonize essential data, all within the robust environment of Snowflake’s data warehousing solution.

Domain-specific solutions: The Reltio-Snowflake synergy

This year, Reltio launched specialized solutions tailored to specific data domains like customer data, product data, and location-based data. These models are now seamlessly integrated with Snowflake and can be activated at the flip of a switch within any Snowflake project. The synergy of Reltio’s robust data engine with Snowflake means that data can be automatically transferred, cleaned, standardized, and merged using Reltio’s proprietary algorithms. This creates a unified, trusted pool of data within Snowflake, which becomes the go-to source for accurate analytics and machine-learning initiatives.

Snowflake’s data-sharing capabilities

Snowflake doesn’t just offer data warehousing; it also comes with inherent data-sharing functionalities. This feature complements Reltio’s industry-specific solutions, allowing businesses to gather crucial customer insights instantly. Whether segmenting customers, optimizing lifetime values, or developing buying propensity models, the Reltio-Snowflake collaboration provides a unified toolkit for maximizing data utility and driving business growth.

Seamless, cost-effective data integration

The combination of Snowflake’s speed and Reltio’s power provides a best-of-both-worlds scenario: enriched and reliable data available for immediate use. The partnership also slashes development costs and operational inefficiencies by doing away with cumbersome manual data exports and custom programming tasks through the ready-to-use Reltio Snowflake connector.

Plug-and-play data pipelines: Reltio Integration Hub

With Reltio Integration Hub’s low-code/no-code capabilities, data can be effortlessly piped from Snowflake into Reltio’s environment. No more manual entries or complicated workflows—the data pipelines operate continuously and can be established with just a few clicks, thanks to a library of over 1,000 pre-built connectors.

Real-Time data availability

Once set up, the system operates like a well-oiled machine. Reltio ensures a constant flow of data to your Snowflake setup, managed and formatted automatically. And thanks to real-time data streaming from both Reltio and Snowflake, any updates on Reltio’s platform are instantaneously reflected in Snowflake, ensuring that the most current data is always available for generating business insights.

Wrapping it up

The collaborative efforts between Reltio and Snowflake solve multiple challenges, notably the issues of data fragmentation and quality. The unique combination of domain-specific solutions, automated workflows, and a potent data engine propels businesses toward a new era of data confidence. Now, companies can not only consolidate and clean their data but also effectively use it for analytics, machine learning, and other data science applications.

With such powerful allies in Reltio and Snowflake, your business can navigate the complex data landscape with ease, unlocking the true potential of your data for significant business impact.

Interested in seeing how this works? Click here to get started with your Snowflake data streaming.

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