Reltio is recognized a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q2 2023

Every organization must solve daunting data challenges while managing risks, growing profits, and carefully monitoring costs. That’s why the quest for clean, connected, and actionable real-time data has become the linchpin of every successful digital transformation, even in this budget-constrained era.

When done well, master data management (MDM) transforms enterprise data from a chronic source of frustration to its most valuable asset. At Reltio, we call this approach modern MDM, which we pioneered back in 2011 with the launch of the industry’s first cloud-native SaaS platform. We recognized that digital and cloud transformation requires modern MDM with automated data quality and data unification capabilities and that leveraging the power of the cloud makes MDM easier, cheaper, more secure, flexible and nimbler.

Real-time and AI-driven Modern MDM: Reltio is a Leader in MDM

We’re pleased to share that Reltio has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q2 2023 among 12 vendors. Reltio received the highest score in the Strategy category and one of the highest scores in the Current Offering category. The report cited, among other things, that “Reltio provides sophisticated ML models capable of integrating entities across domains through built-in entity-graph modeling in real time, automated stewardship.”

As the highest-ranked vendor in the Strategy category, Reltio was given the highest possible scores in 4 out of the 6 criteria within this category, including Vision, Innovation, Roadmap, and Adoption. The report cited that, "Reltio’s vision is to strategically go to market in B2B, B2C, insurance, financial services, healthcare, and life sciences with prebuilt connectors in corresponding velocity packs.”

Reltio’s velocity pack solutions, which include out-of-the-box industry-specific data models, prebuilt integrations to popular applications, and pre-defined implementation assets, were unveiled earlier in 2023 and have helped dramatically accelerate time-to-value for organizations across industries.

We couldn't be prouder of blazing the trail for modern data management, and we believe the Forrester Wave™ results are a powerful validation of the Reltio strategic vision and relentless pursuit to continue disrupting and revolutionizing the industry. To us, our consistent position as a leader is a testament to our client's trust in our solutions and the unparalleled value we deliver. Visit this page to access the complete report, including the graphic, and click here to read a press release on this topic.

Emerging Trends Point to Modern MDM Solutions with AI/ML Capabilities

While we’re pleased to score as we did in the 2023 Forrester Wave™ report, we’re also encouraged by the trends Forrester highlighted in the report.

The Forrester report noted several emerging trends that call for modern MDM:

  • “Modern MDMs serve as a hub for consolidating trusted data, integrating data through a graph engine, delivering real-time streaming for data quality management, and providing prebuilt multidomain capabilities to integrate data about customers, products, suppliers, employees, locations, and assets. It bridges the gap in data fabric architecture by offering a connected, governed, secure, and compliant data center.” 
  •  “Reltio is best suited for customers looking for cloud-native MDM and especially those with a global footprint, multiple data residency needs, and full data management built in.”
  • The Forrester report also noted that,  “[Reltio] innovates by using an API-first approach to deliver master “data-as-product” and is leading the industry with prebuilt integrations to cloud data warehouse offerings and real-time APIs.” 

Customer 360: Reltio's Cutting-Edge, Modern Approach

When it comes to modern MDM, Reltio has led the way with innovation that has pushed industry boundaries for over a decade. Our cloud-native, API-driven platform empowers our customers with real-time data management capabilities that help transform their businesses quickly and at scale through unified, real-time connected data they can trust. Getting a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers in digital business processes involves connecting customer master data with other master data entities, hierarchies, transactions, and reference data and is critical for offering a hyper-personalized experience.

As the first cloud-native MDM platform with the largest number of enterprise customers, we are excited that Forrester has recognized our offering. We believe this recognition validates our investments and innovation in AI/ML-based data unification, industry-specific velocity packs for faster time to value, real-time data quality, and more.

Embracing the Future of Data Management with Reltio

Reltio has been at the forefront of MDM innovation and modernization for over a decade. We pioneered cloud-native deployment, real-time data streaming and processing, and offer built-in data intelligence, industry accelerators, and AI-driven automation. Forrester's recognition of these features as key trends in the industry validates our dedication to staying ahead of the curve for the next ten years. Our customers value the speed and simplicity of our rapid cloud-native deployment, the exceptional performance of our real-time data streaming, and the rapid time to value achieved through our industry accelerators and AI-driven automation. Our strategy is simple yet powerful: deliver built-in data intelligence that enables enterprise leaders to leverage data as a strategic asset, reduce operational costs, and unlock insights that drive better decisions. Embrace the future with Reltio and revolutionize your business through the power of enterprise data.

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