Data’s big moment: Seven powerful revelations you’ll get at DataDriven23

In today’s rapidly evolving digital age, data is the most promising frontier and daunting challenge for IT and enterprise leaders. The potential of data to revolutionize operations, drive innovation, and create unparalleled competitive advantages is undeniable. Yet, the journey to harness its power is riddled with obstacles that often seem insurmountable.

Silos within organizations, both structural and cultural, impede the free flow of trusted, timely information, turning what should be a cohesive data strategy into a tangled web of mistrust. The tech landscape doesn’t make it any easier. A dizzying array of new tools emerges almost daily, each promising to be the silver bullet solution. Yet we often get shelfware– expensive solutions that go unused.

Reltio is pleased to serve as the Sapphire sponsor for the upcoming DataDriven23 industry conference. The sessions and speakers will dive into these challenges while offering insights, strategies, and real-world examples of how leading enterprises, experts, and industry practitioners navigate this intricate, fast-changing landscape. Below are the top seven highlights you won’t want to miss at DataDriven23.


1. Lessons learned the hard way from the database to the White House with DJ Patil, the first U.S. Chief Data Scientist

Whenever you get the chance to listen to the top influencer in the world, it’s completely worth the price of admission. For those who don’t already know – DJ is famous for two things 1. Coining the term “Data Scientist” and 2. Serving as the first-ever U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy and Chief Data Scientist of the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2015. DJ was responsible for advising on policies and practices to maintain U.S. leadership in technology and innovation, as well as leveraging data as a national asset. DJ often talks about the data quality challenge and how models depend on it. It’s been a decade since he first popularized the term data scientist, and he plans to reflect on how we got here, the lessons he wishes he had been taught, and where we need to go from here.


 2. AI and data Literacy: Mastering the economics of data with Bill Schmarzo, the Dean of Big Data

Bill has beat the drum on the economic value of data for many years, urging practitioners to seek a mindset that prizes value-driven above all, as possessing vast quantities of data does little to deliver successful business outcomes. During his presentation, he will share his secrets to mastering the economics of data while creating new sources of value by leveraging and applying AI and data.


 3. Leveraging tech to reimagine the jewelry buying experience with Rebecca Wooters, Chief Digital Officer of Signet Jewelers

When Signet Jewelers began its transformation in 2019, the question was – will customers buy fine jewelry online? Today, Rebecca says the answer is an absolute “yes.” Signet, the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewelry, believes connected commerce is the future of retail. It has worked to create a seamless shopping experience, enabling consumers to engage wherever, whenever and however they want. In this session, Rebecca will share how the company drives growth through Connected Commerce, combining human interaction with interactive tech experiences.


 4. How Data unification and management are changing the game through interoperable core data, with Manish Sood, CEO and Founder of Reltio

We’ve made considerable strides in unifying data and “democratizing it,” making it more available to consumers faster and more efficiently. Yet many digital transformations continue to hit roadblocks because siloed and untrustworthy data has become an even bigger obstacle no matter how much technology, AI, infrastructure, and manpower we have thrown at it. Siloed, untrustworthy data has become the Achilles heel of most organizations today. Manish will explain how modern data unification and management solutions remove those roadblocks and mobilize interoperable core data. Unified, cleansed, enriched, and interoperable core data adapts to real-time business needs, supercharges analytics, and powers operational workflows.


 5. Is AI hype or reality? A conversation with Inderpal Bhandari, former IBM Global Chief Data Officer

As AI/ML rose to the top of many CEO agendas, data leaders are leading through the seachange yet face the challenge of determining the best path to accelerate AI/ML initiatives. How do practitioners think about the efficacy of AI investments, and what are the critical ingredients for success? Data leaders face many key decisions when considering AI and the foundational role of data strategy in delivering outcomes.


6. Future-proofing your modern data architecture with Mohan, former Gartner Research VP

Data management is changing rapidly as data leaders embrace new approaches and technology to stay ahead of the curve and accelerate business impact. Traditional approaches have led to data silos, poor data quality, and lack of accountability. It takes too long to derive intelligence from our current setup, and the unreliable pipelines must be more robust. In this session, Sanjeev will discuss the evolution of modern data architecture frameworks on thinking through key capabilities to unleash data democratization, business responsiveness, and innovation.


7. The state of data unification and data interoperability, a fireside chat with Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst of Forrester and, Venki Subramanian, SVP Product Management, at Reltio

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective data management is paramount. Noel and Venki plan to touch on several topics, including the critical capabilities of data unification and data interoperability. The discussion will also shed light on the transformative potential of AI/ML in data management. These technologies are not just reshaping how data is analyzed but are also redefining the very architecture of data systems. A significant highlight of the session will be exploring the concepts of Data Fabric and Data Mesh. As organizations grapple with increasingly complex data ecosystems, these innovative architectures offer a blueprint for more scalable, decentralized, and efficient data infrastructures.


Join us at DataDriven23

As we enter the tail-end of 2023, economic and market uncertainty looms over the tech landscape. Companies continue to prioritize and invest in solutions that will lead them toward data nirvana and digital transformation but remain cautious with their choices. There are many tools, especially now with the hype around AI/ML which have unleashed a new wave of creativity. Join the conversation at DataDriven23 and help us influence the future of data management. Check out the conference website to learn more.

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