Reltio Powers Shift to Digital Innovation

Power your Digital Initiatives with Connected Data Platform Profiles

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Reimagine Customer Data for Digital Innovation

The pressure is on to shift to digital innovation. You need to create new products and new experiences for your customers through digital and mobile channels. But delivering a consistent experience has become table stakes. Now, customers also expect to get connected, hyper-personalized experiences, based on everything you know about them, across all their interactions with your business, both digital and human. Many digital, marketing, and data and analytics teams have great intentions and want to drive business value fast, but they are building digital and mobile experiences on a foundation of disjointed or disconnected data.

Legacy Systems Impede Your Shift to Digital Innovation

Your digital innovation initiatives require you to recognize your customers, know who they are, and understand their holistic relationship with your business. But it’s not easy to do in real-time and at scale. And, the pressure is on to deliver business value fast.

Are you stuck with disconnected and disjointed customer data from multiple channels, brands and lines of business or slow, constrained and rigid legacy master data management (MDM) systems?

If so, you’re not equipped to deliver business value fast. You’re not equipped to power digital and human interactions with the connected customer data you need to enable connected, hyper-personalized experiences.


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What You Need to Succeed

To accelerate and scale your digital innovation, your marketing and data management teams need to break away from the constraints of your existing systems. You need rich, holistic and connected customer profiles that digital and in-person teams can use to power all customer interactions, across all touchpoints. You need a single source of customer information that blends profile, omnichannel interaction and transaction data from all sources. Leverage a cloud-native platform, with a powerful set of out-of-the-box capabilities, that empowers—rather than stifles—your organization’s speed and agility.

Reltio Connected Data Platform Powers Digital Innovation

Reltio Connected Data Platform is a SaaS platform built on a cloud-native, big data architecture that features graph technology and machine learning. This platform can aggregate, refine, reconcile and relate data from hundreds of sources, while delivering continuously optimized performance. Power your digital and human customer interactions as well as your data science and machine learning initiatives with connected customer data designed for the experience economy.


“Reltio is the only cloud-native MDM solution that qualified for this Magic Quadrant. Consistent with this, 100% of reference customers reported cloud deployment. As a cloud-only MDM solution, we anticipate Reltio to maintain this lead for several years yet.”

– Gartner MQ for Master Data Management, 2018

How Reltio Can Help

  • Power digital experiences
  • Increase digital revenue
  • Maximize speed & agility
  • Gain insights that power innovation
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