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Reltio Cloud – A Data Platform Perfect For Google Anthos

Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, Reltio

Many enterprises are moving from dependence on a single public cloud provider to a multi-cloud architecture. The reasons for this shift are many. Companies may need more flexibility, disaster risk mitigation, and cost optimization. Also a multi-cloud strategy makes more sense for newer data-led enterprises that are permeating every industry sector. Companies must manage different types of data, from different sources and need different insights from various data sets. Increasingly complex requirements of businesses may need a multi-cloud solution that makes it simpler to aggregate, organize, analyze, and share data across the enterprise.

The last Google Cloud Next’19 conference had a focus on better enabling enterprises to adopt a multi-cloud architecture with announcements of tools that address concerns around security, “vendor lock-in”, code migration between clouds, and support of open source. We are very excited with the announcement of the service that is called Anthos (formerly known as Google Cloud Services Platform). Anthos is based on Kubernetes as well as other open-source projects like Istio service mesh. If your organization is as excited by Anthos announcement and sees its value, we encourage you to take a look at Reltio Cloud for your enterprise data platform, for all the same reasons that Anthos is compelling to you.

Reltio’s data platform is designed for multi-cloud strategy; we are investing in a microservices architecture that give our customers the data foundation to support multi-cloud. Multi-cloud is about mixing and matching the best-of-breed solutions and services from different cloud providers to create the most suitable solution for a specific business need. Businesses gain agility by quickly assembling unique cloud-specific services from different providers as they are needed. For many organizations building their own multi-cloud data platform may be too complex. Reltio Cloud provides this flexibility to all enterprises with its multi-cloud MDM Platform as a Service that leverages the right cloud technology and the right service, at the right time for better business outcome and cost optimization.

As Google shared during the conference, Anthos is a single platform that will let customers become truly multi-cloud by managing and deploying services across multiple clouds – including on-prem deployments – while having a unified Control Plane with the Google Kubernetes Engine. New benefits from Anthos include:

  • Single platform for containers orchestration – write code once and run anywhere without worrying about the different environments and APIs from various cloud providers
  • Unified DevOps tooling – integrated monitoring, logging, traceability, security, and API management
  • Support to manage hybrid workloads across various cloud providers at the same time within the same Google Console.
  • Google support for open source products running on a world-class platform via Anthos – partnership and integration with application vendors like Confluent, Datastax, Elastic, MongoDB and others.

Google Cloud Platform customers who embrace the Anthos, multi-cloud, principles and architecture, Reltio Cloud is the partner of choice for microservices-based customer data hub bringing all internal, external, and 3rd-party data together and using Google analytics components to create true Customer 360 views.

Reltio multi-cloud, microservices architecture with kubernetes offer many advantages over a single public or hosted cloud data management offerings. First is optimal performance. You can run each workload where it performs best, provides the best functionality, for the lowest cost.  Another advantage is the ability to leverage cloud data centers based in various geographic regions. Directing traffic to data centers closest to users based on their location is vital for latency-sensitive applications. Storing data locally also minimizes issues over data sovereignty. A multi-cloud strategy further hardens an enterprise’s disaster recovery capabilities – in cases when one cloud provider has issues, an enterprise can failover to another cloud provider or region.


Google’s Anthos announcement signals the dawn of an evolved multi-cloud world of distributed applications. A new data paradigm is foundational to powering these new multi-cloud applications. Reltio’s Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) is already deployed and in production use as a true multi-cloud architecture. Reltio Cloud is battle tested and proven with some of the world’s largest companies who trust Reltio to power their production applications. Partnering today with Reltio as your provider of data mastering and management means that your investments and most importantly, data infrastructure will carry you forward for the next decade and beyond. I invite you to get started today!