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Cognizant and Reltio Webinar Recap and Replay

Click here to listen to the webinar replay

Master data management (MDM) as a discipline and a technology has had its ups and downs over the last 10 years. With significant investment in multi-million dollar projects, many enterprises certainly have the right to expect a more direct impact on the business.

With the explosion of data volumes and the wide adoption of cloud and mobile technologies, frontline business users are starting to expect a new breed of data-driven applications. They are comparing what they have today with the ease-of-use and agility of consumer applications such as LinkedIn and Facebook. 

This webinar replay shows how enterprise data-driven applications backed by a modern data management Platform as a Service is breathing new life into MDM, and allowing both IT and businesses to be more agile and effective. It delves into specific industry use cases from Life Sciences, High Tech, Information and Entertainment to illustrate how organizations in these industries are leap frogging competitors by using data as a strategic asset.