Data Monetization


Creating a new data revenue stream starts with reliable data and comprehensive lineage and history

data monetization starts with data quality

Data monetization is a hot topic. Wikipedia describes it as: 

Generating revenue from available data sources or real time streamed data by instituting the discovery, capture, storage, analysis, dissemination, and use of that data. It is the process by which data producers, data aggregators and data consumers, large and small, exchange sell or trade data.

There have been some very interesting articles and white papers around this topic, primarily focused on data gathered from the Internet of Things (IoT):

Four KEYS To Monetization

Did you know that any enterprise can tap into the data they use to run their businesses as a potential new revenue stream? In order to do so, the data must be, among other things:

  • Reliable
  • Relevant
  • Segmented
  • Secure and anonymized if necessary


The power of Cloud and Crowd

There should also be an easy way to distribute and make the data available for purchase either in batch or by-the-click “Amazon style”.

But it doesn’t stop there, like any form of commerce, customers of the data need to be able to provide feedback and rate the value and quality of the data. What's also required is that users of data should contribute back more accurate information in exchange for discounts on future purchases, to make it a win-win for all.  

Better OperationS First

While getting there seems daunting, the first steps start with just improving the reliability and relevance of your internal data to improve your business operations. Using Data as a Service to bring in third-party data assets to enrich information for your data-driven applications, and allowing your employees to collaboratively curate data, optimizes the efficiency and cost of your internal operations.

Audited and Compliant

From there you can turn your own data into an asset and even begin profiting from it. You do this by transforming into the very same third-party Data as a Service provider that you leveraged to support your internal operations. The caveat of course that any technology you use, must provide full audit and lineage as to where the data originated from so that licensing rights are clear.


strategic initiatives Realized

It can be done and Chief Data Officers (CDO) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) everywhere are starting to think in terms of not just using data to improve operational efficiency within their enterprise, but monetizing data as a significant revenue stream. To do this they are selecting cloud-based Modern Data Management platforms that include Data as a Service and data-driven applications that support collaborative curation.