Power the Experiences

of the Future With the Data that Matters Most to Your Business

What is Reltio Connected Customer 360

Reltio is helping innovative Global 2000 companies win in the experience economy. Data innovators trust Reltio Connected Customer 360 to manage the data that matters most to their business. With the platform, businesses can drive hyper-personalization, accelerate real-time operations and simplify compliance with customer consent and privacy laws.

Eight of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies, two of the top healthcare services companies, two of the top hospitality brands and three global luxury goods companies count on Reltio Connected Customer 360. The Reltio platform is HITRUST certified and complies with the most stringent requirements, including HIPAA.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 is an award-winning SaaS platform built on a cloud-native, big data architecture that features graph technology and machine learning. The platform enables business agility and real-time operations at enterprise scale and it delivers the insight-ready data you need to bring big ideas to life.

Reltio Follows the Strictest Security and Compliance Standards

Why Reltio Connected Customer 360?

Gain Business Agility
  • Accelerate time-to-value, reduce TCO and upgrade
    without disruption
  • Quickly onboard new data sources to enrich Connected Customer 360 Profiles, while respecting compliance requirements 
  • Add, change or remove customer profile attributes without downtime
  • Empower app developers to quickly build and launch new digital experiences fueled by Connected Customer 360 Profiles
Power Real-time Operations at Enterprise Scale
  • Scale to billions of Connected Customer 360 Profiles 
  • Enrich profiles with thousands of attributes,  relationships, transactions and interactions from hundreds of data sources
  • Operate in real-time, 24/7  and scale to support thousands of users
Bring Big Ideas to Life
  • Gain deep, data-driven and actionable insights about all customers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences
  • Drive your digital transformation roadmap with connected customer data 
  • Leverage insight-ready data to maximize the value of machine learning and AI investments

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