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Move Beyond Master Data Management (MDM) with a Cloud-Native Platform to Power Customer Experiences with Business Agility and Scale

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If you’re a CIO or CDO or you’re responsible for enterprise architecture, customer data or master data management (MDM), you’re undoubtedly under tremendous pressure. It’s on you to employ data strategically and cost effectively, so you can speed up your digital business transformation, innovation and growth. You’re responsible for leading a range of key initiatives, including digital, loyalty, customer experience, compliance and privacy and consent management.

Unfortunately, your current legacy customer data management system is holding you back. Customer data silos and rigid, constrained and slow MDM systems make it way too time consuming, costly and difficult to meet all your urgent imperatives. That’s why data innovators turn to Reltio.

We provide a new approach that enables your team to break through the constraints of your existing systems and architect a data strategy for the future. Our modern data platform enables you to truly unlock the value of your customer data, and we give your business tremendous agility. Out of the box, Reltio Connected Data Platform supports real-time operations at scale for 1000s of users.

Reltio Connected Data Platform is a SaaS data management platform built on a cloud-native, big data architecture that features graph technology and machine learning. With this platform, you can aggregate, refine, reconcile and relate data from hundreds of sources. It enables you to create Connected Data Platform Profiles that deliver a trusted, rich and connected view of your customers, while simplifying data management.


“A key to CarMax’s strategy is to deliver omnichannel connected customer experiences, which requires a strong data foundation and customer experience processes working in concert. In an environment where we have so many different sources of data to leverage, it was critical that we had a single source of truth across the enterprise for Customer 360 and Vehicle 360 information that can be shared across all of our functions. Now that we have a multi-domain master data management (MDM) platform which delivers data in real-time, at scale, we’re able to provide connected customer experiences across all touchpoints. We’ve also been able to pivot quickly to meet the changing needs of our customers during the pandemic by offering new services like curbside pickup.”

GAUTAM PURANIK, Chief Data Officer & Head of Business Analytics and Strategy, CarMax


Deliver More Business Value Faster by Moving Beyond MDM to Connected Data Platform Profiles

Reimagine what’s possible when you break free from costly, time consuming master data management (MDM) implementations and upgrades and respond to new business requirements faster.

Reltio Connected Data Platform is a SaaS data management platform that’s ready immediately, accelerates your time to value and lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO). With its cloud-native implementation, you get upgraded three times a year, with zero downtime. Quickly add, change or remove customer profile attributes. Onboard new data sources to enrich Connected Data Platform Profiles—at the speed your business requires. Harness the rich data that enables you to more nimbly and effectively support your most critical business initiatives, whether you’re pursuing digital transformation, launching new products and services or supporting entirely new business models.

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Lars Thomsen, CDO at Danske Commodities: Accelerate Digitalization with Connected Data Platform

Scale Your Data Management Capabilities

To contend with your organization’s most urgent compliance, customer experience and digital transformation initiatives, you need a new approach to managing customer data. To succeed, you need to establish a consolidated, unified view of your customers. You need to operate with a single source of customer information that blends profile, interaction and transaction data from all sources, along with data governance and traceability capabilities. To comply with customer preferences and privacy mandates, you must bring together all your different systems and channels to have a consolidated view of customers.

Move Beyond MDM to Connected Data Platform Profiles

Break free from legacy master data management (MDM) systems. Use Reltio Connected Data Platform to deliver holistic, up-to-date and actionable customer profiles that incorporate insights from transactions, interactions, relationships and more. Drive hyper-personalization at scale and improve decision-making across functions by using insight-ready data to fuel your data warehouse, cloud data warehouse, data lake, analytical applications and data science. Enable your machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) investments to perform better and deliver richer insights, faster innovation and more business value.

Streamline Governance & Compliance

Break away from the cost, inefficiency and inflexibility of customer data silos. Reltio Connected Data Platform makes it much faster and simpler to honor customers’ privacy, consent and communication preferences. The platform enables you to intelligently, quickly and simply comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other privacy laws. With this modern data platform, you can spend far less time responding to changing regulations and requests, and more time on the strategic, data-driven initiatives that propel the business forward.

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