Lars Thomsen, CDO at Danske Commodities: Accelerate digitalization using a modern data platform and a connected 360-degree view

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Digital transformation is at the center of today’s struggle for sustainable competitive advantage for all industries and the Energy business is no different. Ecological, regulatory and political agendas have also added new business opportunities and additional challenges. If your organisation is embarking on a journey to develop strategic data-related capabilities to support commercial growth, consider this on-demand webinar your accelerator template.

Access this on-demand webinar to hear from Lars Kühn Thomsen, CDO of Danske Commodities (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equinor) who shares how they are transforming their entire value-chain to harvest data and new technologies to support growth ambitions within renewable energy worldwide and the ability to provide the best energy solutions for today, tomorrow and in the future.

This on-demand webinar covers the following:

  • How to overcome challenges of a siloed view and an over-reliance on legacy IT systems that impedes innovation
  • Find out how Danske Commodities uses trusted real-time data and connected 360-degree views to scale its business
  • How to reduce cost via operational excellence and enable business agility
  • How to build momentum and establish top-management buy-in for strategic data initiatives


Lars Kühn Thomsen
CDO of Danske Commodities