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A Leading Owner & Operator of Golf Clubs

A large owner and operator of golf courses and clubs was committed to provide the highest quality club experience to its members. With hundreds of properties across the country, it was important to provide a consistent experience for members across clubs and multiple channels of engagement. Over the years several home grown applications and systems were developed to manage their members’ data. Member information was fragmented across several disconnected systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial system, benefit management, contract management, and point of sale (POS). As a result, the company couldn’t design and offer new product and services best suiting the needs of their members. They needed a single, reliable view of their members, and the ability to customize and personalize offers.

Reltio Cloud was deployed and integrated with their point of sale (POS) system to better manage customer preferences and membership entitlements, promote real-time upsell and cross-sell opportunities of services. Mastering data entities like members, clubs, benefits and products, relating them using Reltio’s Graph technology, and applying business rules helped them answer complex business questions such as who is entitled to what benefits, where, and at what price points by uncovering relationships among members, locations, and items & services, across all channels. With Reltio’s modern cloud-based architecture and Metadata driven REST based UI, the company was able to offer with new bundle of products and customized offerings for their members. In addition, Reltio Cloud enabled a contextual reporting view for different business users through a consumer-grade UI. For example, the Membership Director got visibility into clubs, regions, and markets with profile rating, data quality score, and business value of each member.

It took them less than 8 weeks to consolidate 200+ systems and go live with a Member 360 application. They witnessed a dramatic decrease in tee time reservation processing leading to increased customer satisfaction. Their goal of moving from a costlier service concierge model to a more economic self-serviced model is now possible.

Reltio is the data management foundation upon which we can now execute on our three customer-centric growth strategies of organic growth, brand reinvention, and M&A.

CIO of a leading Owner & Operator of Golf Clubs shares their JOURNEY & EVOLUTION WITH Reltio’s MODERN DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM