First Tech moves from product- to member-centricity.

With trusted, unified data at their fingertips, member-facing teams offer more personalized experiences to members, increasing loyalty and marketing effectiveness. And teams gain productivity.

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Siloed data hindered member service and marketing.

Difficulty proactively serving members.

Without holistic member views, First Tech member service and marketing communications slowed.

Limited integration of operational systems.

A “Frankenstein of point-to-point integrations” created member duplicates and mismatched attributes.

Cumbersome data privacy and consent.

With no central consent management, marketing stitched together consent data each time before sending communications.

Ongoing fraud prevention and detection needs.

Without effective identity resolution, minimizing fraudulent accounts and loan applications would grow more difficult.

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First Tech's solution.

Operational and analytical MDM.

Two-way integration unifies core banking, investment, insurance, marketing, analytics, and more.

Networked member relationships.

Dwelling-based household and financial relationships views support marketing and cross-selling.

Search before create.

Employees look up and use data in Reltio to minimize duplicates, increasing accuracy and productivity.


Reltio is integrated with their CRM and loan origination systems—and AWS-based data warehouse.

First Tech gained these
benefits with Reltio.

More accurate and current member data.

360° member views enable better, more personalized service and streamlined member communications.

Centralized consent for data privacy.

Simplified, streamlined privacy compliance and data governance reduces effort and builds member trust.

More effective sales and marketing.

Networked member relationships and holistic views increase sales opportunities via cross-selling.

Easier, more accurate identity resolution.

Minimize creation of potentially fraudulent accounts and loan applications—with less effort.

Seamless distribution of trusted data for analytics.

Interoperable data when and where you need it for enhanced reporting and decision support.


What First Tech achieved.

7.2 to 2.4M

consolidated profile records from
9 major systems


reduction in duplicated records


verified addresses for 2.1M profiles

Why First Tech chose our platform.

First Tech wanted a data unification and management system to make current, unified information available to operational and analytical systems whenever and wherever it was needed by employees.

Cloud-native, SaaS solution running on AWS.

First Tech trusted our security—and already used Snowflake, a cloud-based data warehouse powered by AWS.

Accurate information at their fingertips.

Customer-facing teams could personalize services to help members achieve their financial objectives.

Data privacy compliance and fraud prevention.

With 360° member views and centralized consent management, they could simplify compliance and minimize fraud.

First Tech Federal Credit Union’s journey to member-centricity.

“The connection between members and their financial ‘family’ via accounts provides us a broader perspective of our members, their financial relationships, and with our organization. This gives us a broader perspective to improve our personalization and cross-sell capabilities.”

Senior Director, Data Business Practices

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