Warner Bros. optimized global media supply chain.

Warner Bros. (WB) unified data for media assets globally—packaging and distributing to 140+ countries. Unlocking monetization of rich assets and delighting consumers everywhere with personalized experiences.

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Complex media ecosystem required centralized data.

Local requirements, managed globally.

Content distribution across countries—each with local compliance laws—required tailored content for different markets.

Lack of centralized metadata repository.

Difficulty finding and accessing varied data across systems limited WB’s ability to monetize it.

Data silos across affilates increased costs and effort.

Acquisitions and spin-offs—some affiliates operating independently—limited ability to reduce expenses.

Duplicate data across networks and licensees.

Different IDs for licensed titles required significant effort to match to enable usage of rich data.

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Why Warner Bros. chose our platform.

With complex data distributed across 140 countries, it needed a robust, flexible solution that would seamlessly scale—and enable them to adapt to rapidly growing content and an expanding ecosystem.

Flexible, trusted
data foundation.

Mergers/acquisitions plus evolving product, IP, and content data required easy-to-update data model.

Management of complex relationships.

Mapping of content titles, IP, products and talent across the ecosystem, including HBO and Discovery.

Proven ability to handle
massive data.

High volumes due to variety of content types, languages, country distribution, and compliance needs.

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Mobilizing complex data across the enterprise for WB.

Unified, trusted global distribution platform.

Central data foundation to unify all content data including titles, IP, talent, products, and franchises.

Integration with critical systems.

Connected SAP for planning and Salesforce for CRM to enable seamless operations and data flow.

Multi-country compliance and translation.

Content versioning and packaging to comply with different laws and language needs across 140+ countries.

Advanced matching and merging.

Deduplicated and merged a high volume of redundant data across WB, affiliated networks, and licensees.