L'Oréal's Data-Driven Transformation to Capitalize on the Direct to Consumer Channel

Video Resource

In today’s world, luxury brands must build intimate relationships with consumers, who want personalized services and exclusive products. Brands are moving to direct to consumer (D2C) to provide unique and connected experiences, online and in stores, to stay ahead of their competitors.

Watch this on-demand session with L’Oréal to find out how the brand drove D2C transformation. In this session, attendees will uncover:

  • Why direct to consumer is critical now and how to get started
  • What are the key considerations while designing a connected consumer journey
  • How to leverage data to personalize experiences in real-time


Shree Seshan
Director of IT Digital Data Management and Strategy, L'Oréal
Swati Sinha
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Reltio