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A Leading Online Mortgage Lending Company

A US based online mortgage lending company helps over a million families finance their homes. They used an on-premises technology platform to manage their customer data, however, the solution was slow and unscalable. They were struggling with slow lead response time due to delayed matching between existing clients and web leads. As a result they were feeling the effects of competition in a fierce market. The company needed a reliable and secured Consumer 360 solution to drive revenue growth from their existing as well as new clients.

Reltio will help their brokers, bankers, and other customer facing teams identify the right product at the right time for the right client. Their marketing team would be able to convert web leads into client opportunities much faster and maximize return on their marketing investments with all information security (InfoSec) compliance standards in place. With Reltio Cloud’s flexibility, scalability, search-ability and ease of use, they expect to realize over $1M upfront TCO savings.