How MDM Solutions Have Helped Others

How MDM Solutions Have Helped Others

Learn how Reltio’s MDM solutions have helped organizations improve data quality, efficiency and decision-making through customer data integration and product information management.

Empire Life
Fulton Bank

Empire Life improved customer experience, increased data pipeline quality and IT team productivity, and gained easier and broader access to trusted data with Reltio’s multi-domain MDM system.

"We were attracted to a true cloud-native, fully-managed SaaS solution to lower our infrastructure costs and increase our agility to deliver business value"

Sandro Palleschi, Manager of Enterprise Data Services, Empire Life

Danske Commodities overcame the challenges of a siloed view and an over-reliance on legacy IT systems that didn’t allow teams to innovate. They used real-time data and Reltio’s cloud-native Connected Customer 360 platform to make business more agile, reduce business costs, build momentum and establish top-management buy-in for key data initiatives.

Fulton Bank improved customer experience and operational efficiency, streamlined customer experience and reduced risk with Reltio’s cloud-native Connected Customer 360 platform, resulting in customer growth.

"Providing a connected experience for our customers is paramount. Our goal is to leverage customer intelligence across the organization – from the customer-facing team to digital channels to back office processes – in order to deliver a unified and streamlined customer experience. We had to think beyond traditional master data management to understand customers' transactions and interactions. By implementing Reltio's cloud-native Connected Customer 360 platform, we are looking to drive delightful customer experiences, resulting in customer growth, operational efficiency, and reduced risk." 

Gotham Pasupuleti, Vice President of Customer Data Delivery, Fulton Bank, N.A.