RELTIO Reference Data Management (RDM)


Trusted source of reference data for efficient business operations


Why RDM is Critical for Efficient Business Operations

Reltio Cloud for MDM is the only product in the market that includes Reference Data Management (RDM) for MDM at no base cost.

Inconsistent reference data across multiple systems can cause inaccurate reporting and analytics, improper governance and operational inefficiencies. Enterprises require a standardization system that makes it easier to define, map and manage reference data across the organization.

Traditional mapping require data stewards to manually synchronize and remediate reference data, which is neither efficient nor reliable. As an underlying capability of a Modern Data Management platform, Reltio Cloud's RDM capabilities improves data governance and operational excellence with an easy to use application that creates, manages and provisions reference data. With Reltio Cloud's RDM capabilities, enterprises ensure data consistency across systems and geographies, and create new data codes easily for better reporting and analytics.


Reltio Cloud provides a simple and intuitive solution to define and manage reference data across multiple functional areas and industries. Whether customer, partner, product or supplier data, Reltio provides an easy to use application to create, map and manage reference data across multiple source systems. 


Connect to existing multi-domain MDM, operational applications and any number of third-party data sources for real-time integration. User-friendly interfaces, with import and export capability, help map reference data sources quickly and eliminate the burden of managing reference data sets.


Multi-tenant cloud platform ensures ease of provisioning and zero downtime upgrades. Reltio Cloud is multi-tenant, horizontally-scalable and always available. Easily upscale or downscale your IT requirements, as and when required for faster time to value, and agility for your business needs. Deployed in the cloud, you will be up and running faster than you dreamed possible.


Reltio Cloud ensures data governance through version control, security and access controls. Built-in workflow capabilities, such as reviews, approvals, history and audit trails help make structural changes to reference data with complete traceability.


Easily connect from any application to a central repository for reference data sources to enrich your existing master data.


Reltio also provides unique collaborative curation of reference data from your teams. With fine-grained workflow and governance you can be assured of getting the most reliable information in real-time.