What is a responsive data platform?

A responsive data platform is agile, flexible, and scalable to quickly respond to the shifts in business needs. It continuously aggregates, refines, and reconciles data from diverse sources of different data types, then establishes data relationships, to deliver highly optimized agile performance. With flexible workflows, it can quickly adapt to compliance requirements and elastic infrastructure to achieve scaling up or down as the business demands change.

What are the benefits of a responsive data platform?

Responsive customer-centric enterprises need a responsive data platform for effectively harnessing the power of data to serve, protect, and retain customers.

Enterprises with a responsive data platform and strategy ensure business agility, enterprise scale, and insight-ready data for effectively maintaining the competitive edge.

A responsive data platform empowers enterprises to go agile with a responsive data strategy for:

  • Responding quickly to customer needs
  • Restructuring the organization to be agile
  • Reimagining operations for optimizing across the globe
  • Adapting swiftly to new regulations
  • Realigning data infrastructure for maximizing performance
What are the features of a responsive data platform?
  • Support for all data types and data models to manage real-world big data
  • Actionable insights with modern AI technology
  • Sophisticated data management techniques for boosting data steward performance
  • Fast interactive search
  • Quick data visualization
  • Rules-based relationship discovery
  • Support for hierarchy management
  • Flexible workflows for business agility
  • Real-time consolidated reporting
  • Hyper-scaling for real-time superior response
  • Efficient management tools for improved operational performance