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The State of AI in Digital Marketing

In a noisy digital world, AI is proving a critical tool to help marketers stand out, reach the right customers, and drive revenue. This digital panel explores how marketers are adapting their programs to include more AI-driven strategies and how this affects their Master Data Management strategies. Watch now to hear experts to share their successes, challenges, and the future of AI in digital marketing.


  • Venki Subramanian, VP of Product Management, Reltio
  • Hemal Somaiya, Global Marketing Director, Merck KGaA
  • Marco Di Giacomo, Corporate Vice President, Consumer Products and Growth, Verizon
  • Menno Van Der Eijk, Head of Digital & eCommerce USA & Canada, Unilever
  • Franck Ardourel, Senior Marketing Principle, Workforce Strategy and Innovation, Amazon