Infinite data attributes, relationships & possibilities


The world we live in isn't just relational, so why should your data be stored that way? Reltio Self-Learning Graph™ is a columnar and graph hybrid store architected for today's agile enterprise. Unlike off-the-shelf graph databases, Reltio self-learning graph is infinitely scalable, handling master data management (MDM) and big data volumes with ease.

A Multi-model Architecture for Modern Data Management

Like graphs that power the most popular consumer data-driven applications, such as LinkedIn (Economic Graph), Google (Knowledge Graph) and Facebook (Social Graph), Reltio Self-Learning Graph powers a new generation of data-driven applications for the enterprise. 

As a core part of Reltio Cloud, Reltio Self-Learning Graph works under the covers on your behalf to combine, relate and store an infinite number of attributes and relationships to rapidly deliver any type of data-driven application for any business need. 

Why didn't we use a popular off-the-shelf graph database like Neo4j?

Reltio Cloud is designed to handle the most complex, multi-domain master data management (MDM) challenges, but at the same time, effortlessly bring together transactional, interaction, social and machine-generated data at scale. Just like LinkedIn, Google and Facebook, we built our own Self-Learning Graph hybrid, marrying together our years of experience with databases to handle both operational and analytical functions within the same data-driven application. We cover every possible scenario, so you can have the ultimate flexibility to solve any business challenge.

No schema restrictions

Free from the shackles of relational data modeling, foreign key definitions and the challenges of defining complex relationships, Reltio Self-Learning graph completely changes the paradigm by combining data together, without having to first design an application and data model. From master data management (MDM) to big data volumes, you are able to imagine your data from any perspective.

limitless, volume, variety, velocity & Veracity

It captures and automatically models a variety of structured and unstructured master, reference, transaction and activity data, without any volume restrictions. Reltio Self-Learning Graph continuously indexes all attributes so searches are lightning fast, and retains historical data changes for compliance, forever. 

Powering INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC Applications

Reltio Self-Learning Graph powers a range of industry-specifc, data-driven applications. Simple configuration is all that is required to extend Reltio for any combination of attributes and relationships, relevant to your business. Why buy an off-the -shelf graph database, and then have to stitch together multiple technologies to create your own apps, when you can get it all within Reltio Cloud?